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A cuLearn page was created for Contract Instructors in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The SOCI/ANTH Contract Instructors page provides a space for Contract Instructors to stay connected. The page includes helpful information about many of the topics outlined below. There is also a discussion board section and a section for file sharing. Please get in touch with Kimberley Séguin to request access to this resource.

Academic Accommodations

Carleton provides academic accommodation for students for reasons of disability, religious observance, pregnancy and/or parental leave.  This information is included in the Course Outline Template and more information can be found on the Equity Services website.  Please include this information in your course outline to ensure accessibility to all of your students.

Course Outlines

The main office administrator will contact you about course outlines deadlines for submission.  The course outline must include specific information so please use the following Course Outline Template (please note: this template has due dates pertaining to the 2018-19 term).  Once the course outline has been approved by the department Chair, it becomes the official copy.  If you want to make changes to your course outline after it has been approved, you must submit your changes to the Chair once again for approval.


All instructors can access cuLearn at http://www.carleton.ca/culearn/

If you are new to cuLearn or want a refresher, The Educational Development Centre has cuLearn support documentation and are available to help by email, edc@carleton.ca or phone (613) 520-2600 ext. 4433.

If you experience any issues logging into cuLearn, please contact the CCS service desk by email at ccs_service_desk@carleton.ca of by phone at (613) 520-2600 ext. 3700.

Department Keys and Your Office

The Departmental Administrator, Paula Whissell will provide keys for your assigned office and the mail room.  You will be required to setup office hours to see your students on campus.

e-Grades and Grading Regulations

e-Grades is Carleton’s online grade submission program.  See the e-grades information site on submitting grades. Carleton’s grading system can be found in section 2.3 of the undergraduate calendar.

Final Examinations

Final Exams are supervised by the Instructor and TA’s.  Instructions on how to organize and invigilate your exam can be found on the Exam Services website.

Storage in the Department

Please hand back assignments either during class or your office hours.  We will provide storage for your student papers and exams in the department once the course is over.  As a rule we keep all student documents for one year before they are sent to be shredded.

Student Registration Requests

If any students come to you requesting permission to register in your course please refer them to the department.  The department has a review system set up for this purpose.

Teaching Assistants (TA’s)

Based on the number of students enrolled in your course you may be assigned one or more TA’s.  A TA’s workload is an average of 10 hours per week, to a maximum of 135 hours per term.  You will need to discuss with your TA what kinds of work you want them to perform and outline this plan in the TA Management System in Carleton Central.

Teaching Regulations

Teaching Regulations 2018-19: Please pay particular attention to the university’s Academic Integrity and Academic Offenses policies, and the Guidelines for Reporting an Academic Offense.  The Student Affairs website has and instructor’s guide to academic integrity (PDF).

Technology in the Classroom

Learn how to use the computer and data projector in your electronic classroom by checking the quick tech guide.  You can contact the IMS Classroom Technology Support department while your class is in session for urgent help requests.


Textbooks can be ordered through the University Bookstore or a number of local community bookstores.