Ph.D. Theses:


Garrod, Joel Zackary, From the National to the Global: The Transformation of the Royal Bank of Canada, 1864-2014 – Supervisor: W. Clement (specialization in Political Economy)

Golestaneh, Mehrnaz, Making Modern Self Through White Marriage: Living Together Without Marriage in Tehran, Iran – Supervisor: X. Chen

Petoukhov, Konstantin, Violence, compensation, and settler colonialism: Adjudicating claims of Indian Residential School abuse through the Independent Assessment Process – Supervisor: A. Park

Simmons, Victoria, Un/Settlement: Counter-Memories of Migration and Railways in Southern Mexico – Supervisor: W. Walters


Coady, Kyle, Observing youth punishment in the social systems of law and education – Supervisor: N. Carrier

McKendy, Laura, The Pains of Jail Imprisonment: Experiences at The Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Murphy, Erin, Less is More Work: A Governmentality Analysis of Authenticity Within Minimalism Discourse – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Pich, Christine, The Complexities of Unknowns: Knowledge Contestations and Occupational Disease Recognition – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Klassen, Aaron, Rob “Fresh I.E.” Wilson: A Socio-analysis of Musical Self-Transformation – Supervisor: B. Curtis


Charbonneau, Mathieu, Insurance Risks as Fictitious Commodities: The Institutional Constitution of Insurance Markets – Supervisor: A. Doyle (specialization in Political Economy)

Fernandes, Sabrina, Crisis of Praxis: Depoliticization and Leftist Fragmentation in Brazil – Supervisor: J. Paulson (specialization in Political Economy)

Lait, Michael, The Rotting Heart of Gatineau Park: How and Why the Kingsmere-Meech Lake Privatopia Prevented a National Park Near Canada’s Capital – Supervisor: P. Ballamingie

Ozcan, Gulden, Orchestrating the Public: A Contribution to the Critique of Modern Police Power – Supervisor: X. Chen


Brisson-Boivin, Kara, The Matter of Penal Standards: The Material Politics of Penal Government in Haiti and Nunavut – Supervisor: W. Walters

Burkay, Helin, The Olive as an Object of Rural Development: The Cultural Politics of Organic Food and the Making of the Local – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Conners, Deborah, Who Do We Think They Are? Transformations in Feminist Knowledge Production Regarding Men Who Have Used Violence in Their Heterosexual Relationships in Canada – Supervisor: J. Kennelly

Cooper, Ian, Fragmented Social Exclusion and Rural-Urban Migration in China: A Case Study of Xi’an – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Henry, Aaron, District Space: A Nineteenth-Century Technique of Rule – Supervisor: J. Paulson (specialization in Political Economy)

Jull, Margaret, Dissipating Interpersonal Argument: An Autoethnographical Study of Intersubjectivity, Conflict and Change – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Mondoux, Justin Robert, Class Implications of a Mortgaged Economy: Reflections on Building a Sociology of Debt – Supervisor: W. Clement

Patzer, Jeremy, Histories That Bind: Doctrinal Productivity and Legal Governance in Canadian Aboriginal Law – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Thomas, Holly, Preaching to the Converted: Making Responsible Evangelical Subjects Through Media – Supervisor: X. Chen


Abbas, Jihan, Invisible Bodies: Revealing the Unseen Contributions of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities – Supervisor: A. Doucet

BoonJohannes (Jan), Corporate Social Responsibility, Relationships and the Course of Events in Mineral Exploration – an Exploratory Study – Supervisor: W. Clement

Fairbairn, Jordan, Ecologies of Change: Violence Against Women Prevention, Feminist Public Sociology, and Social Media – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Landon, Kelly, Getting There:  Generations X and Y on Changing Ages, Stages and Processes of Social Maturation in Postmodern Times – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Lefebvre, Priscillia, Medicating the Crisis: Investigating the Links Between Precarious Employment, Mental Health Issues, and the Reliance on Antidepressants as Treatment – Supervisor: A. Shotwell (specialization in Political Economy)

McKay, Lindsay, Structured Forgetting and the Social Organization of Kidney Exchange in Ontario – Supervisor: W. Clement (specialization in Political Economy)

Justin Robert Mondoux, Class Implications of a Mortgaged Economy:  Reflections on Building a Sociology of Debt – Supervisor: W. Clement

Santos, Madalena, Circulating Texts: Challenging Zionist Myths Through Narratives of Creative Palestinian Resistance and Solidarity – Supervisor: N. Abdo

Tuey, Catherine, Remainders of Loss: Memorialization Beyond the Funeral – Supervisor: A. Hunt and M. White

Wilson, Amanda, Sowing the Seeds of a Collective Autonomy: An Analysis of Post-Capitalist Possibilities in Food-Based Livelihoods – Supervisor: J. Siltanen (specialization in Political Economy)


Abrams, Thomas, The Ontological Politics of Disablement: Heidegger, Disability, and the Ontological Difference – Supervisor: C. Novas

Brownlee, Jamie, Irreconcilable Differences:  The Corporatization of Canadian Universities – Supervisor: W. Clement (specialization in Political Economy)

Gorkoff, Kelly , From Plan to Market…Marketizing the Non-Economic: The Economy of Higher Education: Markets and Marketization of Canadian Post-Secondary Education – Supervisor: W. Clement

Hughes, Christine, At Home and Across Borders:  Gender in Guatemalan Households and Labour Migration to Canada – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis (specialization in Political Economy)

Hurl, Christopher, Public Works:  State Formation, Class Composition, and the Making of Ontario’s Public Sector – Supervisor: W. Clement (specialization in Political Economy)

MacKenzie, Andrew, Divergent Disability Rates in Canada:  Analysis of the Social Determinants of Disability – Supervisor: R. Hanes

Mathieu, Sophie, Labour Markets, Family- Relevant Policies and Reproductive Behaviours: Quebec’s Fertility Regimes Between 1960 and 2010 – Supervisor: W. Clement

Salhany, Susan, “Marching Must Be Dignified”:  The Government of Parades in Northern Ireland – Supervisor: B. Curtis 

Smith, Lisa, Girls and the Pill:  Sex, Health and Managing the Self – Supervisor: B. Curtis


Braun, Daniel, The Aesthetic Intensity Of Superheroes: An Autoethnographic Interpretation of Contemporary Superhero Popularity – Supervisor: B. Curtis & M. White

Caron, Christian, Reflexivity At Work: Making Sense of Mannheim’s, Garfinkel’s, Gouldner’s and Bourdieu’s Sociology – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Fanelli, Carlo, Fragile Future: The Attack Against Public Services and Public Sector Unions In an Era of Austerity – Supervisor: J. Paulson (specialization in Political Economy)

Superle, Tamy, “I Just Really Like Walking, to Tell You the Truth”: Gendered Discourses of Safety and Danger in Urban Public Spaces – Supervisor: A. Doucet

Whitson, Jennifer, Game Design by Numbers: Instrumental Play and The Quantitative Shift In The Digital Game Industry – Supervisor: A. Doyle


Anais, Seantel, Disarming Intervention: A Genealogy of Non-Lethality – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Foster, Karen, Relating to Work: Generation, Discourse and Social Change – Supervisor: A. Doucet and J. Siltanen

Graydon, Michael, (Out)Standing in their field: A Qualitative Study of Gays of Ottawa, 1971-1984 – Supervisor: A. Doucet

Lyons, Tara, A Critical Ethnography of the Ottawa Drug Treatment Court: Linking Discourses of Addiction, Addicted Subjects & Treatment Practices – Supervisor: C. Dell

Piche, Justin, “The Prison Idea (Un)interrupted: Penal Infrastructure Expansion, Research and Action in Canada” – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Scott, Nick, Reassembling Urban Travel: Mobilities, Neighbourhoods, and Off-Car Possibilities – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Soucie, Riva, So Long Little White Fence?: Young Adults Confront and Transform Notions of Home – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Wrye, Jennifer, Nutritionism and the Making of Modern Pet Food – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis


Gardezi, Fauzia, From Social Reform to Neoliberalism: Islamization, State Formation and Gender Formation in Pakistan, 1850-1988 – Supervisor: B. Curtis


Landry, Deborah, Justification By Faith:  The Communication of Risk, Science and Social Control in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2009) – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Leroux, Darryl R. J., Commemorating Quebec: Nation, Race, and Memory – Supervisor: X. Chen and B. Curtis

Sharkey, Andrea, Mosaic of Silence — Hearing What Young People in Canada Have to Say About Citizenship – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Spencer, Dale, Battling Bodies: An Ethnography of Mixed Martial Arts – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Valiani, Salimah, Gendered Wages, Deepening Unequal Exchange and the Global Integration of Nursing Labour Markets – Supervisor: W. Clement

Walby, Kevin, Touching Encounters: The Sex and Work of Male-For-Male Internet Escorts – Supervisor: A. Doyle


Aggor, Adolphine, Changing Actors, Unchanging Policies: A Case Study of Ghanaian Women’s Organizations and the State – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and N. Gerlach

Bromberg, Heather, Reproduction Disruptions: An exploration of personal and social meanings of conception difficulties – Supervisor: F. Kellner

Hannem, Stacey, Marked by Association: Stigma, Marginalisation, Gender and the Families of Male Prisoners in Canada – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Lord, Stella, The Politics and Processes of Social Assistance Gender Regime Shift in Nova Scotia: From Voluntary ‘Rehabilitation’ to Compulsory ‘Employability’, 1980-2001 – Supervisor: R. Mahon

Peters, Christopher, The Truthiness Factor: Blurring Boundaries and the Shifting Status of Objectivity and Emotion in Television News – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Pocock, Joanne, Language, Gender and Generation: The Social Economy Approach to Health and the Case of Estrie’s English-speaking Communities – Supervisor: A. Doucet and W. Clement


Connell, Erin, Expelling Pleasure? School-Based Sex Education and the Sexual Regulation of Youth – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Datta, R. Paul, Foucault and the Battle for Politics Itself: An Aleatory Materialist Intervention – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Deisman, Wade, Securing Cyberspace: Neo-liberalism, Risk and Child Safety – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Fish, Kenneth, Giving Life to the Labour Process: Transgenic Biotechnology and the Meaning of Nature – Supervisor: W. Clement

Fitzgerald, Robin, Assessing parenting from an ecological perspective in a Canadian city – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Galloway, Anne, A Brief History of the Future of Urban Computing and Locative Media – Supervisor: R. Shields

Gottschall, William Peter, Imaging Men, Masculinity and Fatherhood in Magazine Advertising: Ideological and Hegemonic Constructions of Masculinity and Fatherhood in magazine Advertising (1960-2000) – Supervisor: M. Martin

Petrella, Serena, Erotic Civility: Normative Monogamy as a Technology of Governance and Self-Governance in North America, 1850s to the Present – Supervisor: B. Curtis and A. Hunt


Garabedian, Karen, A. Study on the Drinking Patterns of male and Female Employees in Alberta: the Impact of Work Environment and Job Stress- Supervisor: F. Kellner

Scobie, Willow, Adulthood and Other Horizons: The Complexities of Temporalities and Orientations to the Future – Supervisor: J. Siltanen and H. Armstrong

Smith, Robyn, Exploring the ‘As Yet Unknown’ in Historical Epistemology, Experimental Systems and Contemporary Nutrition – Supervisor: B. Curtis


Ford, Kimberly-Anne, Mefloquine Dreams: Exploring the Subjective Experience of Risk and Safety and its Role in the Regulation of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Canada – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and F. Kellner

Harling Stalker, L. Lynda, Crafting on the Fringe: A Contextualized Analysis of Government Development Policy and Self-Employed Commodity Production in Newfoundland – Supervisor: W. Clement and J. Siltanen

Pulla, Siomonn, Anthropological Advocacy?: Frank Speck and the Mapping of Aboriginal Territoriality in Eastern Canada, 1900-1950 – Supervisor: D. Smith

Yeager, Matthew, Constructing the Dangerous Offender: A Test of Quinney’s Social Reality of Crime – Supervisor: R. Neugebauer


Hermiston, Alan, “If it’s good for you, it’s good for the nation!”  The Moral Regulation of Nutrition in Canada, 1930-1945 – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Maidment, MaDonna, ‘Doing Time on the Outside’:  Transcarceration and the Social Control of Criminalized Women in the Community – Supervisor: W. DeKeseredy

Powell, Christopher, Civilization and Genocide – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Rajiva, Mythili, Racing Through Adolescence:  Becoming and Belonging in the Narratives of Second Generation South Asian Girls – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Rimke, Heidi, Ungovernable Subjects: A Radical Genealogy of Moral Insanity – Supervisor: F. Kellner and P. Thurtle

van Veldhoven, Friskjen, Making a Claim on the State:  The experiential Accounts of Repetitive Strain Injury Sufferers in Different Policy Regimes – Supervisor: W. Clement


Dignard, Louise, Reconsidering Staple Insights: Canadian Forestry and Mining Towns – Supervisor: W. Clement

Donnan, Mary Ellen, The Meanings of Citizenship:  Homelessness in Relation to Extra-local Civic Republicanism in Local Community Spirit in Ottawa – Supervisor: W. Clement

Felix Bortolotti, Marguerite, The Political Economy of Nursing in the Industrialized World:  Impacts of Caring, Professionalism and State Policy on the Everyday Practice of Nurses – Supervisor: H. Armstrong

Leduc, Lisa, Understanding Female-to-Male Violence in Canadian University and College Dating Relationships: A Test of the Rebellion Thesis – Supervisor: W. DeKeseredy

Moss, Kathleen, Inside Pandora’s Box:  Addressing Abuse Screening Practices of Health Care Providers in the Emergency Department – Supervisor: F. Kellner

Selbee, L. Kevin, Volunteering in Canada:  An Application of Social Resources Theory to the Likelihood of Being a Volunteer, and to the Determination of Volunteer Effort – Supervisor: P. Reed

Smolik, Irene, The Glossolalic Utterance:  What Does it All Mean – Supervisor: C. Laughlin

Stratton, Mary, Getting an Education:  Students’ Views on Entering and Exiting High School – Supervisor: S. Richer

Tonmry, Lil, Child Abuse and Disability in an Ontario Community Sample – Does Social Capital Matter? – Supervisor: K. Kelly

Theses Completed 1992-2003

M.A. Theses:


Guo, Feng, The Rise of “Doll-Mommies” and “Doll-Daddies” in China: Chinese Youth Meet BJD Culture – Supervisor: X. Chen

Kiefer, Janine, Shielded from Public View: An Analysis of the Media’s Construction of Deaths in Canadian Custody – Supervisor: N. Carrier

Klim, Evan, Satirizing Ethics – Supervisor: G. Pollard


Badets, Nadine, Social Determinants of Health among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth in Canada – Supervisor: X. Chen

Coligado, Marie, In Defense of Invisiblized Noncitizens: Seeking Justice in the Canadian Immigration Detention System – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis

Normandeau, Danielle, Touching Theory: AIDS Activisim and Disability Justice – Supervisor: A. Shotwell


Charbonneau, Mathieu, Insurance Risks as Fictitious Commodities: The Institutional Constitution of Insurance Markets – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Christianson, Adam, The mutable dynamics of HIV-prevention: Insights from Ontarian MSM on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – Supervisor: C. Novas

Driscoll, Declan, Transformations in the Ottawa Taxi Industry: A Sociological Perspective – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Fernandes, Sabrina, Crisis of Praxis: Depoliticization and Leftist Fragmentation in Brazil – Supervisor: J. Paulson

Knox, Mira, The Boy Who Lived:  How Canadian Newspapers Used the Image of the Death of Aylan Kurdi – Supervisor: N. Abdo

MacDonald, Cora, The usual suspects and invisible victims: Exploring homeless youths’ experiences with policing in Ottawa – Supervisor: J. Kennelly

MacKenzie, Kaitlin, Marks you cannot erase: Exploring the impacts of false positive ion scanner hits on families of Canadian prisoners – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Manuel, Gazelle, Serving Resistance on the Menu: The cultural politics of Filipino cuisine in Winnipeg and Ottawa – Supervisor: X. Chen

Mast, Tammy, Ordinary Apocalypse: Zombies, Feminism and the Unmaking of Self – Supervisor: J. Kennelly

Todd, Jordan, Memorial Assemblages: An Actor-Network Theory Account of Collective Memory, Commemoration and the National Holocaust Monument in Canada – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Wallis, Allison, Who Cares?: Women, Emotion, and Bodies in Animal Activism – Supervisor: J. Kennelly


Crosby, Oliver, In Pursuit of Victory: League of Legends and a Project of the Self – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Graham, John, Making Money: Alternative Currency Use in Canada – Supervisor: G. Pollard

Hall, William K., ‘Games Climbers Play’: Critical Sensuality in Movement, Ethics, and Sport – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Mackin, Jennifer, Blue is For Boys, Science is For Boys, What’s For Girls? A Critical Look at Gender Constructs in Science Toys – Supervisor: G. Pollard

Spofford, Victoria, Exploring the Competing Risk Rationalities Surrounding Surgical Birthing Interventions: The Risk Positions of Expectant Mothers and Issues Surrounding Informed Choice – Supervisor: L.A. Keown and Steven Prus


Bogeljic, Bojana, Third-Party Assisted Reproduction: Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Commodification and Biopolitics – Supervisor: A. Mire

John Graham, Making Money: Alternative Currency Use in Canada- Supervisor: G. Pollard

Chewinski, Maximilian, Knots that Strain and Threads that Bind: NGO Grassroots Dynamics in the Movement Web Challenging Canadian Resource Extractivism – Supervisor: J. Kennelly

Dobson, Lydia, Sex Sells: An Analysis of Gendered Exploitation in Ontario Restaurants – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Eastman Timmons, James, Taxing Away Citizenship: Do American-Canadian dual citizens consider their status to be an inconvenience? – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis

Hawkins, Louisa, Thinking Through the Future of Care: Elder People’s Understandings of, and Feelings About, Robotic Interventions in Elder Care – Supervisor: A. Shotwell

Luscombe, Alex, Where States Lie: A Historical Sociological Investigation into the Art of Cover Storying in a Secret Cold War Intelligence Operation – Supervisor: W. Walters

Prentice, Rachel “It’s a game, you’ve got to play the game”: Motivation and ‘Being Employable’ in Ontario Unemployment Supports – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Symons, Emily, “I’m Not Looking for Mr. Right, Just Mr. Right Now”: Men Clients of Men Escorts – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Tomblin, Jordan, The Rehearsal and Performance of Lawful Access – Supervisor: M. Mopas


Baldwin, Simon, Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS): Understanding the Issues and Reducing the Risks Associated with Police Use of Force – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Castleton, Alexander, From the land to the virtual: An exploration of the use of Facebook by Inuit youth – Supervisor: C. Novas

Clarke, Brian, In Technology We Trust: Cloud Computing, Technical Breakdowns and the Protection of Privacy – Supervisor: C. Novas

Rotenberg, Cristine, Cutting Knowledge:  The Pathologization of Self-Injury in Correctional Discourse – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Silva, Derek, Committing Sociology (of Law): The Autonomy of Law in Canada’s ‘War on Terror’ – Supervisor: N. Carrier

Tetrault, Justin, Reclaiming Visual Sovereignty: A Theoretical Critique of Facial Recognition Technology – Supervisor: G. Rigakos

Todd, Benjamin, Negotiating Social Practices:  The Role of Ubiquitous Computing In Students – Supervisor: A. Shotwell

Van Meyl, Katherine, On the Separation of Personal and Professional: Sex, Work, Law, the Girlfriend Experience, and the Interpersonal Relationships of Independent Escorts – Supervisor: A. Shotwell and M-E. Carrier-Moisan

Williams, Rhys, Policing the Pub – Supervisor: G. Rigakos


Aucoin, Chantal, It Is A Big Deal! It’s Not Just A Dirty Kitchen: Examining The Gendered Division of Housework – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Brown, Gregory, Fragile Future: The Attack Against Public Services and Public Sector Unions In an Era of Austerity – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Crete, Jean-Philippe, A Disciplined Healing: The New Language of Indigenous Imprisonment in Canada – Supervisor: N. Carrier

Enright, Brian, “Washed up? An Analysis of Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes” – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Ghazzawi, Chanel, Proactive Control The Case of Community Policing in Ottawa – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Groh, Pamela, The Identity Formation Experiences of Second Wave Argentinian Immigrants to Canada – Supervisor: X. Chen

Hall, Tiffany, The Social Constructions of Hoarding Behaviour: Accumulation and Discard in Liquid Modern Consumer Society – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Herman, Alexandra, The Art of The Christian Pastorate: Shepherding The Barnardo Home Children To Canada, 1867-1905 – Supervisor: G. Pollard

Nellis, Brent, Ottawa Liberating: Self-Referential Systems of Communications and Municipal Policing Responses to Occupy Ottawa – Supervisor: J. Kennelly

Peck, Vanessa, ‘Celebrating Cancer’: Young Women Negotiating the Cultural Politics of Survivorship – Supervisor: J. Siltanen/X. Chen

Perry, Jennifer, Developing the Volunteer Tourist Identity through Meaningful Interaction: A Critical Comparison of the Lived Experiences of Childcare and Animal Care Volunteers in South Africa – Supervisor: K. March

Primeau, Philip, Crafting the Machinery of Municipal Rule: The Board of Police in Nineteenth Century Brockville, Upper Canada – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Scrivens, Alanna, In Neoliberal Times: How Non Profit Organizations Are Responding to Housing Need and Affordability in Ottawa – Supervisor: A. Moscovitch

Williams, Jenelle, Reading Lips: Exploring Emotive Responses to Labiaplasty – Supervisor: J. Kennelly


Boyd, Ryan, Boat People and Terrorists The media-driven moral panic and double consciousness of the Tamil diaspora in Canada –  Supervisor: J. Kennelly

Hoyland, Patricia, Youth, Media and Moral Panic: A Sociological Investigation of Dalton McGuinty’s “Rethink” of the 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum – Supervisor: L. Karaian

Pearson, Caryn, Minding Positive Mental Health: Exploring Theoretical Explanations for Positive Mental Health with Canadian National Surveys – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Richardson, Steven, Where are the Faceless Masses?: Studying Users and Non-Users of Technology – Supervisor: C. Novas

Roscoe, Alana, International Development Policy and Practice: The Translation of a Children’s Rights-Based Approach – Supervisor: T. Caputo


Allaire Sevigny, Christophe, Starting From Refugees Themselves: A Study on the Resettlement of Government-Assisted Refugees in Gatineau, Quebec – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis

Conway, Kevin, Zombies at Work: The Undead Face of Organizational Subjectivity – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Daroya, Emerich, “Potatoes and Rice: Exploring the Racial Politics of Gay Men’s Desires and Desirabillity – Supervisor: P. Gentile

Finestone, Elana, “Just trying to avoid doing it”: Exploring Gendered Interpretations and Discussions of Sexual Assault Media Campaigns for Men on Campus – Supervisor: A. Doucet

Gilroy, Holly, En(Gulf)ed: Frame Analysis of New York Times Online News Coverage following the 2010 BP Oil Spill – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Matsunaga, Jennifer, Publics in the Making: A Genealogical Inquiry into the Discursive Publics of Japanese Canadian Redress – Supervisor: W. Walters/J. Henderson

Palmer, Amber, Love Quest: The Pursuit of a ‘Rational’ Love Online – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Warden, Rebecca, Entering Through The Green Door: Exploring the Value of ‘Fresh’ – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Wright, Lisa, Drug and Sex Education: A Case Study of the Operation of Social Control – Supervisor: N. Carrier


Aylsworth, Laura, Harmless Victims or Harmful Villains: The Representation of Criminalized Women in Public Discourse – Supervisor: A. Park

Gaudet, Joanne, Greening of the Canadian Engineering Profession (1970-2009): A Comparison of Professional Envirosponsibility in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario – Supervisor: W. Clement

Gray, Lyndsay, The Cancer Hierarchy: Risk, Responsiblization and Morality – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Hallman, Jennifer, Agents at Work: Examining Intergenerational Relations – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Hazelwood, Tracey, Investigating Social Policy Relationships: A critical analysis of understandings of First Nation family violence – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Lymburner, Matthew, Excluding the Included: Citizenship, National Identity Discourse and Racialized Welfare Stratification in Brazil – Supervisor: D.. Stasiulis

Murphy, Erin L., Ask The Audience: The Role of Technology in Students’ University Education – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Paradis, Tamara, Neoliberal digitality, labour and leisure in a MMOG: An ethnography of analysis – Supervisor: J. Paulson

Rogers, Byron, Controlling tobacco: From moral regulation to governing the neurochemical self – Supervisor: A Hunt

Simonetto, Deana, Who is Karla Homolka? A Case of Media Identity Transformations – Supervisor: K. March

Solc, Katherine, The United Way/Centraide Ottawa: Tackling Social Exclusion on the Ground – Supervisor: R. Mahon

Stock, Anthony, The Impact of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test on L2 Students – Supervisor: D. Patrick

Wilson, Elisabeth, Who Will Be Rocking The Cradle and When? How Young Women and Men Envision Parenting – Supervisor:  A. Doucet


Giroux, Maxine, Clarifying the Sociological Meanings of Peace and War in Pursuit of Peace – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Longtin, Christopher, Left Out of The Picture: Intersections of Gender Dis/ability – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Shoemaker, Esther, Perfect Babies – Perfect Parents – Perfect Pregnancies: The routinization of Prenatal Testing – Supervisor: A. Doucet

Welsh, Siobhan, Socializing Civility: Empathy in the Contemporary Citizenship Education Project – Supervisor: A. Hunt


Christensen, Benjamin, State Reorientation and Discursive Strategies of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives  – Supervisor: W. Clement

Gomes, Lee, A Call for Contest: Exploring the Situational and Relational Characteristics of Heavy Drinking By Canadian Adults – Supervisor: C. Dell

Holm, Vanessa, Acting in solidarity with the Natural World: Conscious Living and the Case of Vegetarianism – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Krzyzanowski, Erin, Explaining the Differential Distribution of School Engagement Among 10 to 15-Year Old Canadian Students: Do Ethnicity and Parental Immigration Status make a Difference? – Supervisor: R. Tfaily

Subissati, Andrea, Sociology of the Living Dead – Supervisor: B. Curtis


Beauchamp, Tara, The Role of Social Support in the Well-Being of First Nations and Inuit Youth Following Treatment for Volatile Solvent Abuse – Supervisor: C. Dell

Desjardins, Patricia, In Defiance of Childhood?  An Exploration of Children’s Activism – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Scott, Nick, The Social Dynamics of Canadian Protest Participation – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Scribner, Jenn, Dual Citizenship: Examining Belonging, Identity and Racialization in the Lives of Transmigrants – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis

Smith, Josée , Police Perceptions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and its Implementation: Ontario Case Study – Supervisor: T. Caputo and M. Vallée

Solecki, André, Cannabis and the Courts: An Examination of Judicial Responses to Cannabis – Supervisor: T. Caputo

Timco, Kristy, “Not Everyone Who Wanders is Lost” Exploring Street Youths’ Decision Making Processes in Relation to the Problematic use of Substances and its Possible Solutions – Supervisor: C. Dell


Campeau, Aimee, Cultivating Gendered ‘Underdeveloped’ Subjectives: Tracing the Constitution of ‘Girlhoods’ within Mainstream Development Discourse – Supervisor: A. Doucet

Gibney, Charles, Making People Good, Down to the Last Drop:  Toward a Genealogy of the Government of Water – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Leslie, Sarah, A Call to Duty: How Women’s Magazines, circa 1935-1980, Contribute in the Formation of Responsible Citizens – Supervisor: G. Pollard

Maslov, Anton, Property Crime Reporting:  Examining the Effects of Victims’ Perception of Their Social Context on Their Reporting Behaviours – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Peters, Sheryl, The Social World Reversed:  Towards a Sociology of Activist Community Arts Practices – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Snyder, Emily, Injecting Freedom?  Examining Depo-Provera’s Discourse of ‘Freeing’ Women from Menstruation and Women’s Perception of It – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Thomas, Holly, The Atkins Diet and the Internet: Exploring Lay Challenges to Contested Medical Expertise – Supervisor: P. O’Malley


Ayyash, Mark, War and Politics: The Neoconservative Plan of Iraq– Supervisor: A. Hunt

O’Connor, Christopher, Auto Theft and Youth Culture: A Nexus of Masculinities, Femininities and Car Culture – Supervisor: K. Kelly


Burke, Patrick, Media Representation and the Case of Tracy Latimer – Supervisor: P. Thurtle

Denis, Chantale, A Sociological Socio-Psychological Analysis of Substance Abusers in Recovery While in the Course of Early Residential Treatment – Supervisor: C. Dell

Fletcher, Kate, Modelling Masculinity: The Return of the Dandy in Contemporary Society – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Jarvis, Saskia, Healthy Living and the Anti-Diet: The Weight Watchers Approach to Weight Maintenance – Supervisor: A.Hunt

Kaloczi, Kornelia, The Implications of Self-Government with Respect to Aboriginal Justice Initiatives – Supervisor: P. O’Malley

Kerr, Susan, The Schizoid Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: A Phenomenological Analysis of Dundonald Park (Concentration in Quantitative Methodology) – Supervisor: F. Kellner

McFarlane, Craig, Michael Foucault’s Analytic of Power Relations – Supervisor: P. Thurtle

Meyer, Jeffrey, Evaluating the Punitive Turn Thesis: Is Canadian Penal Discourse Officially Exemplifying a Punitive Mentality – Supervisor: P. O’Malley

Peters, Christopher, Hate Expectations: A Narrative of the Conceptualisation of Criminal Hatred in Canada – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Theses Completed 1992-2003

M.A. Research Essays


Karam, Maisie, Contemporary Representations of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in the Canadian News Media: A Case Study of Jeanenne Fontaine – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Rouleau, Brandon, The Normative Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Canadian Adolescents: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective – Supervisor: M.E. Carrier-Moisan


John Branswell, An Analysis of Covariates of Confidence in the Police in Canada – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Hannah Vigneault, Who’s Leaning In? A Critical Analysis of Neoliberal Feminist Discourse on Women and Work – Supervisor: M. Rivers-Moore


Jollymore, Michael, The Changing World of Policing – Supervisor: M. Vallee

Rochon, Morgan, The GIFT Box: Unwrapping the “Truth” about Sex Trafficking at Sport Mega Events – Supervisor: M.-E. Carrier-Moisan

Rogers, Zoe, Strategic Planning in Canadian Policing: Adapting for the Future – Supervisor: T. Caputo

Smith, Jenna, (Re)Articulations of Subjects and Agency: Ontology, Epistemology and Environmental Relationships – Supervisor: J. Siltanen


Buck, Jeff, Neoliberalism and its impact on community-based crime prevention: some important considerations for community planners – Supervisor: X. Chen

Hood, Nicole Anne, Traditional Values and the Religious Right: An In Depth Examination of Sex Education and Legislation in the U.S. – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Hothi, Gurpreet, Reconceptualizing Citizenship:  Beyond Neoliberal Understands of Diversity and Global Citizenship Education – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

McCarthy, Kylie, Professional Female and Male Mixed Martial Artists’ use of Twitter for Fighting Identity Construction – Supervisor: N. Gerlach

Murphy, Evan, Through the Skeletal Looking-Glass:  Corpses, Subjectivity and the Normative Power of Revelation – Supervisor: B. Curtis

Nazemroaya, Mahdi Darius, The Whitening of Russia – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Nearing-Guibord, Danette, The Lived Experiencer of Adults with Disabilites who have been victims of crime or abuse – Supervisor: R. Hanes


Rygas, Jessica, The Capitalization of Fear: An Intersectional Analysis of Anti-Ageing in the Media and in the Beauty Industry- Supervisor: A. Mire


Hawkins, Emma, Food Insecurity and Social Capital in the Canadian North – Supervisor: Z. Lin

Read-Hobman, Taryn, Why do they leave? An examination of young, male infantry attrition in the Canadian Forces from the perspectives of ex-members – Supervisor: K. March

Savage, Kathleen, The Will to Host? Assembling Publics in the Ontario Wind Farm Controversy – Supervisor: W. Walters


Chapman, Justine, Towards a Solidaristic Understanding and Responsibility – Supervisor: A. Hunt

Hussen, Nezifa, A Critical Examination of International Gender Equality Norms and the Empowerment of Women in Ethiopia – Supervisor: X. Chen

McKendy, Laura, The Implications of a New Media Exology and Changing Modes of Public Order Policing on Journalistic Paradigms for Reporting on Social Protest – Supervisor: A. Doyle

Turpin, Kayla, The Meaning of Nostalgia: Organizing People, Managing Histories – Supervisor: M. Mopas


Bell, Sesadri, Subtly Unsettled: A Post-Colonialist Analysis of Environmental Racism Against Indigenous Peoples – Supervisor: X. Chen

Dwyer, Patrick, Predicting Dangerousness: Risk, Security and Danger in Contemporary Society – Supervisor: N. Carrier

Golestaneh, Mehrnaz, Similarities and Differences between the Victorians and Post-revolutionary Iran regarding Sexual Moralities and Sexual Relationships – Supervisor: R. Tfaily

Islam, Farhana, Intersectional Analysis of Healthy Immigrant Effect: Considering Ethnicity, Place of Birth, and Immigrant Status – Supervisor: R. Tfaily


Gallant, Chantal, Finding a Place Called Home: Examining the impact of domestic violence on refugee women and the role of the state – Supervisor: A. Park


Conte, Melissa, Muslim Women and the Veil: An Exploration of Diversity and Complexity – Supervisor: X. Chen

Holmes, Shawna,  The Revolution Will Not Appear in your News Feed: An Analysis of Activism in Online Social Networking – Supervisor: J. Paulson

Loewen, Benita, Putting the “I” in “Team”: An Exploration of Incivility in the Workplace – Supervisor: M. Mopas

Saleh Rad, Sarah, Western Media Coverage of Iran’s Nuclear Program: A Case Study of The New York Times – Supervisor: A. Park

Wiseman, Danielle, Wikipedia, Transformation or Status Quo? An Examination of Editing Practices in Wikipedia – Supervisor: C. Novas


Campbell, Rebecca, An Exploration of the Experiences of Historical and Contemporary Women Jazz Instrumentalists: 1900-2009 – Supervisor: J. Shepherd and A. Doucet

Hossen, Mohammad Anwar, Natural Disaster, Inequality, and Vulnerability: A Case Study in Rural Madame Zajj – Supervisor: J. Keil and J. Siltanen

Polowyk, Lauren, Redefining Social Capital: Historical Origins, Pragmatic Contentions and Alluring Outcomes – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Waitschat, Katherine, One Less! Exploring Motherhood and Gardasil – Supervisor: J. Pylypa


Barry, Amanda, Understanding the Social Construction of Scale through the Analysis of Scalar Narratives: Building a Sustainable Community in New Brunswick – Supervisor: J. Siltanen

Pearson, Julie, Mainstream Media Representation of Roma in the Canadian Context: The Discourse on Invisible Canadians – Supervisor: D. Stasiulis

Tatai, Mohtahsham, Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey: PKK and the Legacy of State- Supervisor: N. Abdo

M.A. Coursework

Nairn, Anthony, 2018

Ang, Steven, 2015

Gilmer, Jennifer, 2014

Maru, Kyle, 2012

Burczycha, Marta, 2006