Photo of Deborah Conners

Deborah Conners

Instructor II

Degrees:PhD (Carleton)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5064
Office:C761 Loeb Building

Areas of interest

Community engagement, social justice, politics and reconciliation of gender issues, feminism, men’s organizations, sociology of knowledge, racialization and racism

My concern with the politics of gender issues arose during several decades of activist work within women’s movements, including as a coordinator at Women’s Network PEI. Through these experiences I became interested in how we could engage diverse women, men, and gender queer people, to speak with others advocating for social goals that did not necessarily align with their own. My belief that this ability to dialogue across difference is a crucial skill set in our times was fostered in my Masters in Conflict Studies at St. Paul University. In my Sociology PhD at Carleton I explored this approach further in a reflexive examination of feminist work to end violence against women. Following this, I did a Mitacs Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women looking at the impact of Ontario’s mandatory charging policy in cases of domestic violence. I am a founding member of a group called “Men and Feminisms,” composed of academics and community activists who are working to create open spaces for communication and opportunities for alliances on these issues.

I bring my interest in a politics of reconciliation to my teaching in the social justice stream of the department, seeking to create opportunities for students to learn across difference and to consider what supports the creation and maintenance of difference. I often take to my students puzzles to which I do not yet have the answer, an approach which generates a joint discovery process. It is this ‘learning together’ that frames a dynamic course that is useful to everyone involved. My goal is that students leave my classes with increased ability to learn how to learn.


SOCI 2001: Qualitative Research Methods

SOCI 2170: Foundations in Social Justice

SOCI 2702: Power in Everyday Life

SOCI 4170: Community Engaged Sociology


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