Photo of Tonya Davidson

Tonya Davidson

Instructor III

Degrees:PhD (University of Alberta)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2087
Office:C774 Loeb Building

Areas of Interest

As a sociologist I am broadly interested in urban spaces, public memory, nostalgia, popular culture, and Canadian identity. Specifically, I have spent many years studying the social lives of statues in Ottawa.

As an instructor, I am deeply invested in improving my teaching practice and contributing to the culture of teaching excellence at Carleton. I have taught introduction to sociology every semester since I began teaching in 2010 (and I love it)! I take being students’ first exposure to sociology very seriously. I also love being exposed to a broad range of the Carleton student population in the introductory classes.

Before coming to Carleton, I taught at Ryerson University in the Sociology Department for four years. I have also taught at King’s University College- Western University, McMaster University, and the University of Alberta. I have taught courses in popular culture, research methods, social class and inequality, gender, social theory, city life. I am currently working on an Introduction to Sociology textbook with my colleague Ondine Park that will introduce readers to sociology through the lens of the four seasons.

I enjoy writing sociological critiques for broader audiences and have published in the magazines: Briarpatch, Canadian Dimension, This and Herizons.


SOC1 1001: Introduction to Sociology I

SOCI 1002: Introduction to Sociology II

SOCI 3004: Qualitative Research: Approaches and Strategies


Books and Book Chapters

The Social Lives of Statues In Albanese, Patrizia (Ed), Reading Sociology. Oxford University Press: forthcoming.

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Journal Articles

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