What To Do With a Master’s or PhD Degree in Sociology from Carleton?

Graduated MA and PhD Students: Where Are They Now?

Ian Cooper (PhD, 2016) is Manager, Ontario Federal Council Secretariat, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

Jordon Tomblin (MA, 2015) is a Business Analyst with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. He is responsible for assessing policies and estate administrations and acts as liaison to integrate stakeholder needs with technology. Jordon is also acting Manager of Data Management leading a team to strengthen data architecture and software. Read Jordon’s article on “Sentencing ‘Anonymous’: exacerbating the civil divide between online citizens and government“.

Chantal Gallant studied domestic violence against refugee women in Canada and focused on refugee sponsorship policy as an influencing factor.  She had been working at a community centre in Brisbane for the last few years and is now a Project Coordinator for an initiative that assists refugees facing domestic violence in Australia.

Chris Hurl (PhD, 2013) has a tenure track position in Organization, Innovation and the Workplace in the Department of Sociology at Concordia University.

Jordan Fairbairn (PhD, 2015) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children (CREVAWC), Western University. Her research focuses on the role of digital technologies in violence prevention.

Ryan Boyd (MA, 2012) is a senior analyst with Alberta Energy. He is responsible for strategy, planning and stakeholder relations in the Government of Alberta’s efforts to diversify market access for crude oil. Ryan also leads an analyst team within a cross-government task force working to improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of Western Canada’s rail transportation and logistics system.

Daniel Braun (PhD, 2013) is a permanent education program planner at Grant MacEwen University in Edmonton Alberta.

Christian Caron (PhD, 2013) is full-time teaching professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Christine Hughes (PhD, 2014) has a position as the Women’s Rights Knowledge Specialist at Oxfam Canada. She specializes in gender and migration, with a focus on Latin America.

Darryl Leroux (PhD, 2012) is a tenured Associate Professor of Sociology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.  His research interests are in the areas of: historical memory, nationalism and racism, especially as they pertain to French Canada and Quebec, and comparative studies of racialization and transnationalism (e.g. links between France, Quebec and the French Caribbean).

Nick Scott (PhD, 2012) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Simon Fraser University and lives in Vancouver. His teaching and research focus on methods, urban mobilities and environmental sociology.

Dale Spencer (PhD, 2010) is a full-time Assistant Professor of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University.  The criminalization of marginalized populations serves as a focal and integrative point for his research interests.

Kathryn Van Meyl (MA, 2014) is a communications officer for The Global Network of Sex Work Projects.

Kevin Walby (PhD, 2010) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at University of Winnipeg.  His research focuses on areas such as policing, security, surveillance; representations of crime and criminality; access to information and freedom of information law; sex work, sexuality, and emotional labour; and urban studies.

Jennifer Wrye (PhD, 2012) teaches full-time in Humanities and Social Sciences at North Island College. Her areas of research and teaching interest include Food Studies, Critical Animal Studies, Pets and Animals.