Sociology Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree by thesis or research essay offers students the opportunity to develop an independent stand-alone research project in a wide array of fields of study. Expertise developed in this way may lead to employment or may serve as preparation for study at the doctoral level.  Students can also follow a course work option.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

The Doctoral program is student-centred and encourages the pursuit of an independent research interest under faculty supervision.

Sociology Graduate Program Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Sociology

The MA degree in Sociology is a 5 credit program. Students following the thesis option take 3 credits worth of course work (equivalent to 6 half courses), and submit and orally defend a thesis worth 2 credits. Students following the research essay option take 4 credits worth of course work (equivalent to 8 half courses), and submit and orally defend a research essay worth 1 credit. Students following the course work option take 5 credits worth of course work (equivalent to 10 half courses).

Students accepted into the Concentration in Quantitative Methodology must do either a thesis or a research essay. A number of required and optional courses also define the concentration. Students in the quantitative methodology may also arrange a work placement at 0.5 credit towards the program requirements. The conditions of the placement are arranged with the student’s supervisor and the placement coordinator. Grades for the work placement are assigned in consultation between the placement supervisor and the placement coordinator. Placements can be held for up to two academic terms and count for 1.0 credit.

The Master’s in Sociology Concentration in Quantitative Methodology also has the option of completing a co-operative education designation by registering as a co-op student.  Adding a co-op designation requires an addition of two work terms that may be taken successively or be separated by one or more study terms.  While on a work term the co-op office will register students in SOCI 5913.  Please visit the Co-operative Education Program website for further details.

Please consult the Graduate Calendar for more information.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

The PhD in Sociology is a 10 credit program and requires the following:

  1. course work worth 3 credits (including a compulsory doctoral seminar),
  2. two comprehensive examinations in two areas of specialization,
  3. a thesis proposal presentation,
  4. a thesis (and oral defence) worth a maximum of 7 credits,
  5. a language requirement.

The comprehensive examinations are to be completed following the coursework requirements. The thesis proposal is presented after completion of the comprehensive examinations. Following the successful presentation of the thesis proposal, the PhD candidate is ABD (all but dissertation). Normally, the thesis proposal must be presented no later than two and half years (7 terms) after the student has entered the program full-time (5 years, or 15 terms, for part-time students).

For further details of the program requirements for the PhD in Sociology, please see the Graduate Calendar.

At the PhD level, we also offer a collaborative specialization in Political Economy.

Sociology Graduate Courses

Not all courses listed in the Graduate Calendar are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at

*Please note that some Instructors post only a summary of their course outline.  If you would like to see the entire outline please contact the Instructor directly.