Ph.D. Theses

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Bing, Alex Extrinsic Learning, Corporate Streaming, and Ungrounded Voting: The Role of STEM Schooling in the Political Socialization of Asian Canadian Youths Kennelly, J.
2021 Brown, Vanessa Integrating gender and cultural perspectives in Canada’s Professional Military Education: transforming military culture through informed leadership Gerlach, N.
2021 Daroya, Emerich From Condoms to Antiretrovirals: A Posthumanist Performative Account of Men Who Have Sex with Men’s (MSM) Condomless Sexual Practices Shotwell, A.
2021 Klostermann, Janna Leaving Care Work? Moral Femininities, Caring Limits and Creative Possibilities Braedley, S.
2021 Montgomery, Lauren “Carceral Harm Reduction”: A Critical Analysis of the Municipal Licensing of Body Rub Centres in Edmonton, Alberta Carrier-Moisan, M.E.
2021 van Beinum, Amanda Reimagining Death: A Posthuman Analysis of Life Support and the Concept of Death in the Intensive Care Unit Novas, C.
2020 Amirault, Jenna A Political Strategy for the Liberation of Women: Socialist Feminist Political Practice in Canada
*Specialization in Political Economy
Paulson, J.
2020 Bueckert, Michael Boycotts and Backlash: Canadian Opposition to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movements from South Africa to Israel
*Specialization in Political Economy
Paulson, J.
2020 Coulling, Ryan Of Vice and Men: An Ethnographic Content Analysis of the Manosphere Mopas, M.
2020 Curran, Amelia Slipping the Line: The Embodied and Affective Materiality of Gang Territories Doyle, A. & Walter, W.
2020 Jones, Zoey Pleasure, Community, and Marginalization in Rope Bondage: A Qualitative Investigation into a BDSM Subculture Khan, U.
2020 McDonald, Deirdre Risk Classification and Municipal Policing in Canada: Altered Practice and Innovation Mopas, M.
2020 Primeau, Phillip The Business of Resilience: Philanthropy, Partnerships, and Politics Curtis, B.
2020 Sanscartier, Matthew Populist Counterpublics: Exploring Populist Mobilization, Crises of Representation, and Popular Subjectivities in Canadian Politics Chen, X.
2020 Steckle, Rhys Rule of the Routes: Infrastructure, Colonization, and ‘the Social Science’ in the Canadas from Conquest to Confederation Walters, W.
2019 An, Jiyoung Marriage Migration and National Boundary-Making: A Comparative Study of Marriage Migration in South Korea and Canada Stasiulis, D.
2019 Brown, Gregory To Swerve and Neglect: De-Policing Throughout Today’s Front-Line Police Work Doyle, A. & Keown, L.A.
2019 Castleton, Alexander Ageing and Technology: The case of a one-table-per-senior program in Uruguay Novas, C.
2019 Dolek, Caglar Thieves, Kabadayis, and Revolutionaries on the Margin: A Social History of the Police in the Altindag Slums in Ankara, Turkey (1920s – 1970s)
*Specialization in Political Economy
Rigakos, G.
2019 Garrod, Joel Zackary From the National to the Global: The Transformation of the Royal Bank of Canada, 1864-2014
*Specialization in Political Economy
Clement, W.
2019 Golestaneh, Mehrnaz Making Modern Self Through White Marriage: Living Together Without Marriage in Tehran, Iran Chen, X.
2019 Hernandez-Ramirez, Jesus Alejandro Mexican Youth in Canada: A Political Economy Analysis of Their Immigration Reasons, Labour Market Integration, and Transnational Practices
*Specialization in Political Economy
Stasiulis, D.
2019 Johnston, Matthew Stories of Madness: Exploring Resistance, Conformity, Resiliency, Agency, and Disengagement in Mental Health Narratives Karaian, L.
2019 Petoukhov, Konstantin Violence, compensation, and settler colonialism: Adjudicating claims of Indian Residential School abuse through the Independent Assessment Process Park, A.
2019 Rivas Sanchez, Hector Eloy Deportability, Labour and Health in Canada’s Late Capitalism Paulson, J.
2019 Simmons, Victoria Un/Settlement: Counter-Memories of Migration and Railways in Southern Mexico Walters, W.
2019 Stam, Valerie “It is not possible to be Dutch, and Muslim, and Black:” Second-Generation Youths’ Everyday Practices of Resisting Racism and Islamophobia in the Netherlands Kennelly, J.
2018 Coady, Kyle Observing youth punishment in the social systems of law and education Carrier, N.
2018 Klassen, Aaron Rob “Fresh I.E.” Wilson: A Socio-analysis of Musical Self-Transformation Curtis, B.
2018 McKendy, Laura The Pains of Jail Imprisonment: Experiences at The Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre Doyle, A.
2018 Milford, Trevor Lessons From #GamerGame: Complicating Virtual Harm and Reassessing Frameworks for Virtual Harm Assessment Karaian, L.
2018 Murphy, Erin Less is More Work: A Governmentality Analysis of Authenticity Within Minimalism Discourse Gerlach, N.
2018 Pich, Christine The Complexities of Unknowns: Knowledge Contestations and Occupational Disease Recognition Siltanen, J.
2018 Rodimon, Sarah “We Have the Law, We Need the Access!”: Activism, Access and the Social Organization of Abortion in New Brunswick Shotwell, A.
2018 Rousell, Davina Indigenous Theories of Knowledge of Racism and its Mediation Kelly, K.
2017 Charbonneau, Mathieu Insurance Risks as Fictitious Commodities: The Institutional Constitution of Insurance Markets
*Specialization in Political Economy
Doyle, A.
2017 Fernandes, Sabrina Crisis of Praxis: Depoliticization and Leftist Fragmentation in Brazil
*Specialization in Political Economy
Paulson, J.
2017 Lait, Michael The Rotting Heart of Gatineau Park: How and Why the Kingsmere-Meech Lake Privatopia Prevented a National Park Near Canada’s Capital Ballamingie, P.
2017 Ozcan, Gulden Orchestrating the Public: A Contribution to the Critique of Modern Police Power Chen, X.
2016 Brisson-Boivin, Kara The Matter of Penal Standards: The Material Politics of Penal Government in Haiti and Nunavut Walters, W.
2016 Burkay, Helin The Olive as an Object of Rural Development: The Cultural Politics of Organic Food and the Making of the Local Siltanen, J.
2016 Conners, Deborah Who Do We Think They Are? Transformations in Feminist Knowledge Production Regarding Men Who Have Used Violence in Their Heterosexual Relationships in Canada Kennelly, J.
2016 Cooper, Ian Fragmented Social Exclusion and Rural-Urban Migration in China: A Case Study of Xi’an Lin, Z.
2016 Henry, Aaron District Space: A Nineteenth-Century Technique of Rule
*Specialization in Political Economy
Paulson, J.
2016 Jull, Margaret Dissipating Interpersonal Argument: An Autoethnographical Study of Intersubjectivity, Conflict and Change Siltanen, J.
2016 Mondoux, Justin Robert Class Implications of a Mortgaged Economy: Reflections on Building a Sociology of Debt Clement, W.
2016 Patzer, Jeremy Histories That Bind: Doctrinal Productivity and Legal Governance in Canadian Aboriginal Law Hunt, A.
2016 Thomas, Holly Preaching to the Converted: Making Responsible Evangelical Subjects Through Media Chen, X.
2015 Abbas, Jihan Invisible Bodies: Revealing the Unseen Contributions of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Doucet, A.
2015 Boon, Johannes (Jan) Corporate Social Responsibility, Relationships and the Course of Events in Mineral Exploration – an Exploratory Study Clement, W.
2015 Fairbairn, Jordan Ecologies of Change: Violence Against Women Prevention, Feminist Public Sociology, and Social Media Doyle, A.
2015 Landon, Kelly Getting There: Generations X and Y on Changing Ages, Stages and Processes of Social Maturation in Postmodern Times Hunt, A.
2015 Lefebvre, Priscillia Medicating the Crisis: Investigating the Links Between Precarious Employment, Mental Health Issues, and the Reliance on Antidepressants as Treatment
*Specialization in Political Economy
Shotwell, A.
2015 McKay, Lindsay Structured Forgetting and the Social Organization of Kidney Exchange in Ontario
*Specialization in Political Economy
Clement, W.
2015 Mondoux, Justin Robert Class Implications of a Mortgaged Economy:  Reflections on Building a Sociology of Debt Clement, W.
2015 Santos, Madalena Circulating Texts: Challenging Zionist Myths Through Narratives of Creative Palestinian Resistance and Solidarity Abdo, N.
2015 Tuey, Catherine Remainders of Loss: Memorialization Beyond the Funeral Hunt, A. & White, M.
2015 Wilson, Amanda Sowing the Seeds of a Collective Autonomy: An Analysis of Post-Capitalist Possibilities in Food-Based Livelihoods
*Specialization in Political Economy
Siltanen, J.
2014 Abrams, Thomas The Ontological Politics of Disablement: Heidegger, Disability, and the Ontological Difference Novas, C.
2014 Brownlee, Jamie Irreconcilable Differences:  The Corporatization of Canadian Universities
*Specialization in Political Economy
Clement, W.
2014 Gorkoff, Kelly From Plan to Market…Marketizing the Non-Economic:  The Economy of Higher Education:  Markets and Marketization of Canadian Post-Secondary Education Clement, W.
2014 Hughes, Christine At Home and Across Borders:  Gender in Guatemalan Households and Labour Migration to Canada
*Specialization in Political Economy
Stasiulis, D.
2014 Hurl, Christopher Public Works:  State Formation, Class Composition, and the Making of Ontario’s Public Sector
*Specialization in Political Economy
Clement, W.
2014 MacKenzie, Andrew Divergent Disability Rates in Canada:  Analysis of the Social Determinants of Disability Hanes, R.
2014 Mathieu, Sophie Labour Markets, Family- Relevant Policies and Reproductive Behaviours: Quebec’s Fertility Regimes Between 1960 and 2010 Clement, W.
2014 Salhany, Susan “Marching Must Be Dignified”: The Government of Parades in Northern Ireland Curtis, B.
2014 Smith, Lisa Girls and the Pill: Sex, Health and Managing the Self Curtis, B.
2013 Braun, Daniel The Aesthetic Intensity Of Superheroes: An Autoethnographic Interpretation of Contemporary Superhero Popularity Curtis, B. & White, M.
2013 Caron, Christian Reflexivity At Work: Making Sense of Mannheim’s, Garfinkel’s, Gouldner’s and Bourdieu’s Sociology Curtis, B.
2013 Fanelli, Carlo Fragile Future: The Attack Against Public Services and Public Sector Unions In an Era of Austerity
*Specialization in Political Economy
Paulson, J.
2013 Superle, Tamy “I Just Really Like Walking, to Tell You the Truth”: Gendered Discourses of Safety and Danger in Urban Public Spaces Doucet, A.
2013 Whitson, Jennifer Game Design by Numbers: Instrumental Play and The Quantitative Shift In The Digital Game Industry Doyle, A.
2012 Anais, Seantel Disarming Intervention: A Genealogy of Non-Lethality Gerlach, N.
2012 Foster, Karen Relating to Work: Generation, Discourse and Social Change Doucet, A. & Siltanen, J.
2012 Graydon, Michael (Out)Standing in their field: A Qualitative Study of Gays of Ottawa, 1971-1984 Doucet, A.
2012 Lyons, Tara A Critical Ethnography of the Ottawa Drug Treatment Court: Linking Discourses of Addiction, Addicted Subjects & Treatment Practices Dell, C.
2012 Piché, Justin “The Prison Idea (Un)interrupted: Penal Infrastructure Expansion, Research and Action in Canada” Doyle, A.
2012 Scott, Nick Reassembling Urban Travel: Mobilities, Neighbourhoods, and Off-Car Possibilities Siltanen, J.
2012 Soucie, Riva So Long Little White Fence?: Young Adults Confront and Transform Notions of Home Siltanen, J.
2012 Wrye, Jennifer Nutritionism and the Making of Modern Pet Food Stasiulis, D.
2011 Gardezi, Fauzia From Social Reform to Neoliberalism: Islamization, State Formation and Gender Formation in Pakistan, 1850-1988 Curtis, B.
2010 Landry, Deborah Justification By Faith: The Communication of Risk, Science and Social Control in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2009) Gerlach, N.
2010 Leroux, Darryl R.J. Commemorating Quebec: Nation, Race, and Memory Chen, X. & Curtis, B.
2010 Sharkey, Andrea Mosaic of Silence – Hearing What Young People in Canada Have to Say About Citizenship Siltanen, J.
2010 Spencer, Dale Battling Bodies: An Ethnography of Mixed Martial Arts Gerlach, N.
2010 Valiani, Salimah Gendered Wages, Deepening Unequal Exchange and the Global Integration of Nursing Labour Markets Clement, W.
2010 Walby, Kevin Touching Encounters: The Sex and Work of Male-For-Male Internet Escorts Doyle, A.
2009 Aggor, Adolphine Changing Actors, Unchanging Policies: A Case Study of Ghanaian Women’s Organizations and the State de la Gorgendière, L. & Gerlach, N.
2009 Bromberg, Heather Reproduction Disruptions: An exploration of personal and social meanings of conception difficulties Kellner, F.
2009 Hannem, Stacey Marked by Association: Stigma, Marginalisation, Gender and the Families of Male Prisoners in Canada Doyle, A.
2009 Lord, Stella The Politics and Processes of Social Assistance Gender Regime Shift in Nova Scotia: From Voluntary ‘Rehabilitation’ to Compulsory ‘Employability’, 1980-2001 Mahon, R.
2009 Peters, Christopher The Truthiness Factor: Blurring Boundaries and the Shifting Status of Objectivity and Emotion in Television News Doyle, A.
2009 Pocock, Joanne Language, Gender and Generation: The Social Economy Approach to Health and the Case of Estrie’s English-speaking Communities Doucet, A. & Clement, W.
2008 Connell, Erin Expelling Pleasure? School-Based Sex Education and the Sexual Regulation of Youth Curtis, B.
2008 Datta, R. Paul Foucault and the Battle for Politics Itself: An Aleatory Materialist Intervention Hunt, A.
2008 Deisman, Wade Securing Cyberspace: Neo-liberalism, Risk and Child Safety Doyle, A.
2008 Fish, Kenneth Giving Life to the Labour Process: Transgenic Biotechnology and the Meaning of Nature Clement, W.
2008 Fitzgerald, Robin Assessing parenting from an ecological perspective in a Canadian city Lin, Z.
2008 Galloway, Anne A Brief History of the Future of Urban Computing and Locative Media Shields, R.
2008 Gottschall, William Peter Imaging Men, Masculinity and Fatherhood in Magazine Advertising: Ideological and Hegemonic Constructions of Masculinity and Fatherhood in magazine Advertising (1960-2000) Martin, M.
2008 Petrella, Serena Erotic Civility: Normative Monogamy as a Technology of Governance and Self-Governance in North America, 1850s to the Present Curtis, B. & Hunt, A.
2007 Garabedian, Karen A. Study on the Drinking Patterns of male and Female Employees in Alberta: the Impact of Work Environment and Job Stress Kellner, F.
2007 Scobie, Willow Adulthood and Other Horizons: The Complexities of Temporalities and Orientations to the Future Siltanen, J. & Armstrong, H.
2007 Smith, Robyn Exploring the ‘As Yet Unknown’ in Historical Epistemology, Experimental Systems and Contemporary Nutrition Curtis, B.
2006 Ford, Kimberly-Anne Mefloquine Dreams: Exploring the Subjective Experience of Risk and Safety and its Role in the Regulation of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Canada de la Gorgendière, L. & Kellner, F.
2006 Harling Stalker, L. Lynda Crafting on the Fringe: A Contextualized Analysis of Government Development Policy and Self-Employed Commodity Production in Newfoundland Clement, W. & Siltanen, J.
2006 Pulla, Siomonn Anthropological Advocacy?: Frank Speck and the Mapping of Aboriginal Territoriality in Eastern Canada, 1900-1950 Smith, D.
2006 Yeager, Matthew Constructing the Dangerous Offender: A Test of Quinney’s Social Reality of Crime Neugebauer, R.
2005 Hermiston, Alan “If it’s good for you, it’s good for the nation!”  The Moral Regulation of Nutrition in Canada, 1930-1945 Hunt, A.
2005 Maidment, MaDonna ‘Doing Time on the Outside’:  Transcarceration and the Social Control of Criminalized Women in the Community DeKeseredy, W.
2005 Powell, Christopher Civilization and Genocide Curtis, B.
2005 Rajiva, Mythili Racing Through Adolescence:  Becoming and Belonging in the Narratives of Second Generation South Asian Girls Curtis, B.
2005 Rimke, Heidi Ungovernable Subjects: A Radical Genealogy of Moral Insanity Kellner, F. & Thurtle, P.
2005 van Veldhoven, Friskjen Making a Claim on the State:  The experiential Accounts of Repetitive Strain Injury Sufferers in Different Policy Regimes Clement, W.
2004 Dignard, Louise Reconsidering Staple Insights: Canadian Forestry and Mining Towns Clement, W.
2004 Donnan, Mary Ellen The Meanings of Citizenship:  Homelessness in Relation to Extra-local Civic Republicanism in Local Community Spirit in Ottawa Clement, W.
2004 Felix Bortolotti, Marguerite The Political Economy of Nursing in the Industrialized World:  Impacts of Caring, Professionalism and State Policy on the Everyday Practice of Nurses Armstrong, H.
2004 Leduc, Lisa Understanding Female-to-Male Violence in Canadian University and College Dating Relationships: A Test of the Rebellion Thesis DeKeseredy, W.
2004 Moss, Kathleen Inside Pandora’s Box:  Addressing Abuse Screening Practices of Health Care Providers in the Emergency Department Kellner, F.
2004 Selbee, L. Kevin Volunteering in Canada: An Application of Social Resources Theory to the Likelihood of Being a Volunteer, and to the Determination of Volunteer Effort Reed, P.
2004 Smolik, Irene The Glossolalic Utterance:  What Does it All Mean Laughlin, C.
2004 Stratton, Mary Getting an Education: Students’ Views on Entering and Exiting High School Richer, S.
2004 Tonmyr, Lil Child Abuse and Disability in an Ontario Community Sample – Does Social Capital Matter? Kelly, K.
Theses completed 1992 – 2003

M.A. Theses:

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Curley, Evan Normalism and Legal Representation in Canadian Art Leistle, B.
2021 George, Sarah Pan-Africanism in Canada: Anti-Blackness and Black Consciousness in Canada’s Capital Rutherford, B.
2021 Peters, Mathew Reading Subject, The Problematic and The Outcasts: A Semiotic Model of Ideology & The Ideo-Material Subject Gerlach, N.
2021 Sharp, S. Restart the ‘World’ with Revolutionary Ruptures: Imagining Identity through War & in Crisis – Apocalyptic Rhetoric & the American Civil Religion Gerlach, N.
2021 Tompalski, Jaclyn Under-serving the Over-represented: Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Specialized Courts Doyle, A.
2020 Jessome, Mary Securitizing the Canadian Family Through Transnational Reproductive Governmentality and Citizenship Stasiulis, D.
2020 Johnstone, Lindsay Exclusionary Inclusion?: The Realities of Academic Accommodation at University for Students with Invisible Physical Chronic Conditions Mopas. M.
2020 Manning, Natalia Investigating Indigeneity within Incarceration: Healing Lodges in the Canadian Media Tfaily, R.
2020 Stavretis, Olivia An Examination of the Desistance and Risk Paradigms in Correctional Service Canada Policies Doyle, A.
2020 Stewart, Hanna From China to Canada: The Identity Formation of Chinese- Canadian Adoptees Shotwell, A.
2019 Guo, Feng The Rise of “Doll-Mommies” and “Doll-Daddies” in China: Chinese Youth Meet BJD Culture Chen, X.
2019 Kiefer, Janine Shielded from Public View: An Analysis of the Media’s Construction of Deaths in Canadian Custody Carrier, N.
2019 Klim, Evan Satirizing Ethics Pollard, G.
2019 Krantz, Trina Celebrating Survival: Decolonizing Practices at Aazhoodena Rosenblatt, D.
2019 Reid, Kishelle Medical Narratives of Military PTSD: Moving Beyond the Biomedical Approach Gerlach, N.
2019 Séguin, David Deconstructing Decriminalization: A Genealogy of the Provincial Offences Administration, the Modern Fine, and Penalization in Ontario Carrier, N.
2019 Sherry, Mikayla Towards a More Critical Consciousness: Race-Making, Affect, and Counter-Knowledges Paulson, J.
2019 Ward, Gavin Get Out of La La Land! Naturalizing the Colour Line Through “Colour-Blind” Cinema Mire, A.
2019 Wildgen, Adam Searching for justice (and evidence) in public health: Exploring health equity in Canadian public health discourse and practice Gerlach, N. & Denny, K.
2018 Badets, Nadine Social Determinants of Health among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth in Canada Tfaily, R. & Chen, X.
2018 Coligado, Marie In Defense of Invisiblized Noncitizens: Seeking Justice in the Canadian Immigration Detention System Stasiulis, D.
2018 Normandeau, Dani Touching Theory: AIDS Activisim and Disability Justice Shotwell, A.
2017 Charbonneau, Mathieu Insurance Risks as Fictitious Commodities: The Institutional Constitution of Insurance Markets Doyle, A.
2017 Christianson, Adam The mutable dynamics of HIV-prevention: Insights from Ontarian MSM on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Novas, C.
2017 Driscoll, Declan Transformations in the Ottawa Taxi Industry: A Sociological Perspective Curtis, B.
2017 Fernandes, Sabrina Crisis of Praxis: Depoliticization and Leftist Fragmentation in Brazil Paulson, J.
2017 Knox, Mira The Boy Who Lived: How Canadian Newspapers Used the Image of the Death of Aylan Kurdi Abdo, N.
2017 MacDonald, Cora The usual suspects and invisible victims: Exploring homeless youths’ experiences with policing in Ottawa Kennelly, J.
2017 MacKenzie, Kaitlin Marks you cannot erase: Exploring the impacts of false positive ion scanner hits on families of Canadian prisoners Doyle, A.
2017 Manuel, Gazel Serving Resistance on the Menu: The cultural politics of Filipino cuisine in Winnipeg and Ottawa Chen, X.
2017 Mast, Tammy Ordinary Apocalypse: Zombies, Feminism and the Unmaking of Self Kennelly, J.
2017 Todd, Jordan Memorial Assemblages: An Actor-Network Theory Account of Collective Memory, Commemoration and the National Holocaust Monument in Canada Mopas, M.
2017 Wallis, Allison Who Cares?: Women, Emotion, and Bodies in Animal Activism Kennelly, J.
2016 Crosby, Oliver In Pursuit of Victory: League of Legends and a Project of the Self Curtis, B.
2016 Graham, John Making Money: Alternative Currency Use in Canada Pollard, G.
2016 Hall, William K. ‘Games Climbers Play’: Critical Sensuality in Movement, Ethics, and Sport Mopas, M.
2016 Mackin, Jennifer Blue is For Boys, Science is For Boys, What’s For Girls? A Critical Look at Gender Constructs in Science Toys Pollard, G.
2016 Spofford, Victoria Exploring the Competing Risk Rationalities Surrounding Surgical Birthing Interventions: The Risk Positions of Expectant Mothers and Issues Surrounding Informed Choice Keown, L.A. & Prus, S.
2015 Bogeljic, Bojana Third-Party Assisted Reproduction: Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Commodification and Biopolitics Mire, A.
2015 Graham, John Making Money: Alternative Currency Use in Canada Pollard, G.
2015 Chewinski, Maximilian Knots that Strain and Threads that Bind: NGO Grassroots Dynamics in the Movement Web Challenging Canadian Resource Extractivism Kennelly, J.
2015 Dobson, Lydia Sex Sells: An Analysis of Gendered Exploitation in Ontario Restaurants Gerlach, N.
2015 Eastman Timmons, James Taxing Away Citizenship: Do American-Canadian dual citizens consider their status to be an inconvenience? Stasiulis, D.
2015 Hawkins, Louisa Thinking Through the Future of Care: Elder People’s Understandings of, and Feelings About, Robotic Interventions in Elder Care Shotwell, A.
2015 Luscombe, Alex Where States Lie: A Historical Sociological Investigation into the Art of Cover Storying in a Secret Cold War Intelligence Operation Walters, W.
2015 Prentice, Rachel “It’s a game, you’ve got to play the game”: Motivation and ‘Being Employable’ in Ontario Unemployment Supports Siltanen, J.
2015 Symons, Emily “I’m Not Looking for Mr. Right, Just Mr. Right Now”: Men Clients of Men Escorts Doyle, A.
2015 Tomblin, Jordan The Rehearsal and Performance of Lawful Access Mopas, M.
2014 Baldwin, Simon Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS): Understanding the Issues and Reducing the Risks Associated with Police Use of Force Lin, Z.
2014 Castleton, Alexander From the land to the virtual: An exploration of the use of Facebook by Inuit youth Novas, C.
2014 Clarke, Brian In Technology We Trust: Cloud Computing, Technical Breakdowns and the Protection of Privacy Novas, C.
2014 Rotenberg, Cristine Cutting Knowledge: The Pathologization of Self-Injury in Correctional Discourse Doyle, A.
2014 Silva, Derek Committing Sociology (of Law): The Autonomy of Law in Canada’s ‘War on Terror’ Carrier, N.
2014 Tetrault, Justin Reclaiming Visual Sovereignty: A Theoretical Critique of Facial Recognition Technology Rigakos, G.
2014 Todd, Benjamin Negotiating Social Practices:  The Role of Ubiquitous Computing In Students Shotwell, A.
2014 Van Meyl, Katherine On the Separation of Personal and Professional: Sex, Work, Law, the Girlfriend Experience, and the Interpersonal Relationships of Independent Escorts Shotwell, A. & Carrier-Moisan, M.E.
2014 Williams, Rhys Policing the Pub Rigakos, G.
2013 Aucoin, Chantal It Is A Big Deal! It’s Not Just A Dirty Kitchen: Examining The Gendered Division of Housework Doyle, A.
2013 Brown, Gregory Fragile Future: The Attack Against Public Services and Public Sector Unions In an Era of Austerity Doyle, A.
2013 Crete, Jean-Philippe A Disciplined Healing: The New Language of Indigenous Imprisonment in Canada Carrier, N.
2013 Enright, Brian “Washed up? An Analysis of Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes” Doyle, A.
2013 Ghazzawi, Chanel Proactive Control The Case of Community Policing in Ottawa Mopas, M.
2013 Groh, Pamela The Identity Formation Experiences of Second Wave Argentinian Immigrants to Canada Chen, X.
2013 Hall, Tiffany The Social Constructions of Hoarding Behaviour: Accumulation and Discard in Liquid Modern Consumer Society Hunt, A.
2013 Herman, Alexandra The Art of The Christian Pastorate: Shepherding The Barnardo Home Children To Canada, 1867-1905 Pollard, G.
2013 Nellis, Brent Ottawa Liberating: Self-Referential Systems of Communications and Municipal Policing Responses to Occupy Ottawa Kennelly, J.
2013 Peck, Vanessa ‘Celebrating Cancer’: Young Women Negotiating the Cultural Politics of Survivorship Siltanen, J. & Chen, X.
2013 Perry, Jennifer Developing the Volunteer Tourist Identity through Meaningful Interaction: A Critical Comparison of the Lived Experiences of Childcare and Animal Care Volunteers in South Africa March, K.
2013 Primeau, Philip Crafting the Machinery of Municipal Rule: The Board of Police in Nineteenth Century Brockville, Upper Canada Curtis, B.
2013 Scrivens, Alanna In Neoliberal Times: How Non Profit Organizations Are Responding to Housing Need and Affordability in Ottawa Moscovitch, A.
2013 Williams, Jenelle Reading Lips: Exploring Emotive Responses to Labiaplasty Kennelly, J.
2012 Boyd, Ryan Boat People and Terrorists: The media-driven moral panic and double consciousness of the Tamil diaspora in Canada Kennelly, J.
2012 Hoyland, Patricia Youth, Media and Moral Panic: A Sociological Investigation of Dalton McGuinty’s “Rethink” of the 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum Karaian, L.
2012 Pearson, Caryn Minding Positive Mental Health: Exploring Theoretical Explanations for Positive Mental Health with Canadian National Surveys Lin, Z.
2012 Richardson, Steven Where are the Faceless Masses?: Studying Users and Non-Users of Technology Novas, C.
2012 Roscoe, Alana International Development Policy and Practice: The Translation of a Children’s Rights-Based Approach Caputo, T.
2011 Allaire Sevigny, Christophe Starting From Refugees Themselves: A Study on the Resettlement of Government-Assisted Refugees in Gatineau, Quebec Stasiulis, D.
2011 Conway, Kevin Zombies at Work: The Undead Face of Organizational Subjectivity Gerlach, N.
2011 Daroya, Emerich “Potatoes and Rice: Exploring the Racial Politics of Gay Men’s Desires and Desirabillity Gentile, P.
2011 Finestone, Elana “Just trying to avoid doing it”: Exploring Gendered Interpretations and Discussions of Sexual Assault Media Campaigns for Men on Campus Doucet, A.
2011 Gilroy, Holly En(Gulf)ed: Frame Analysis of New York Times Online News Coverage following the 2010 BP Oil Spill Doyle, A.
2011 Matsunaga, Jennifer Publics in the Making: A Genealogical Inquiry into the Discursive Publics of Japanese Canadian Redress Walters, W. & Henderson, J.
2011 Palmer, Amber Love Quest: The Pursuit of a ‘Rational’ Love Online Hunt, A.
2011 Warden, Rebecca Entering Through The Green Door: Exploring the Value of ‘Fresh’ Mopas, M.
2011 Wright, Lisa Drug and Sex Education: A Case Study of the Operation of Social Control Carrier, N.
2010 Aylsworth, Laura Harmless Victims or Harmful Villains: The Representation of Criminalized Women in Public Discourse Park, A.
2010 Gaudet, Joanne Greening of the Canadian Engineering Profession (1970-2009): A Comparison of Professional Envirosponsibility in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario Clement, W.
2010 Gray, Lyndsay The Cancer Hierarchy: Risk, Responsiblization and Morality Hunt, A.
2010 Hallman, Jennifer Agents at Work: Examining Intergenerational Relations Hunt, A.
2010 Hazelwood, Tracey Investigating Social Policy Relationships: A critical analysis of understandings of First Nation family violence Siltanen, J.
2010 Lymburner, Matthew Excluding the Included: Citizenship, National Identity Discourse and Racialized Welfare Stratification in Brazil Stasiulis, D.
2010 Murphy, Erin L. Ask The Audience: The Role of Technology in Students’ University Education Siltanen, J.
2010 Paradis, Tamara Neoliberal digitality, labour and leisure in a MMOG: An ethnography of analysis Paulson, J.
2010 Rogers, Byron Controlling tobacco: From moral regulation to governing the neurochemical self Hunt, A.
2010 Simonetto, Deana Who is Karla Homolka? A Case of Media Identity Transformations March, K.
2010 Solc, Katherine The United Way/Centraide Ottawa: Tackling Social Exclusion on the Ground Mahon, R.
2010 Stock, Anthony The Impact of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test on L2 Students Patrick, D.
2010 Wilson, Elisabeth Who Will Be Rocking The Cradle and When? How Young Women and Men Envision Parenting Doucet, A.
2009 Giroux, Maxine Clarifying the Sociological Meanings of Peace and War in Pursuit of Peace Gerlach, N.
2009 Longtin, Christopher Left Out of The Picture: Intersections of Gender Dis/ability Siltanen, J.
2009 Shoemaker, Esther Perfect Babies – Perfect Parents – Perfect Pregnancies: The Routinization of Prenatal Testing Doucet, A.
2009 Welsh, Siobhan Socializing Civility: Empathy in the Contemporary Citizenship Education Project Hunt, A.
2008 Christensen, Benjamin State Reorientation and Discursive Strategies of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives Clement, W.
2008 Gomes, Lee A Call for Contest: Exploring the Situational and Relational Characteristics of Heavy Drinking By Canadian Adults Dell, C.
2008 Holm, Vanessa Acting in solidarity with the Natural World: Conscious Living and the Case of Vegetarianism Siltanen, J.
2008 Krzyzanowski, Erin Explaining the Differential Distribution of School Engagement Among 10 to 15-Year Old Canadian Students: Do Ethnicity and Parental Immigration Status make a Difference? Tfaily, R.
2008 Subissati, Andrea Sociology of the Living Dead Curtis, B.
2007 Beauchamp, Tara The Role of Social Support in the Well-Being of First Nations and Inuit Youth Following Treatment for Volatile Solvent Abuse Dell, C.
2007 Desjardins, Patricia In Defiance of Childhood?  An Exploration of Children’s Activism Doyle, A.
2007 Scott, Nick The Social Dynamics of Canadian Protest Participation Siltanen, J.
2007 Scribner, Jenn Dual Citizenship: Examining Belonging, Identity and Racialization in the Lives of Transmigrants Stasiulis, D.
2007 Smith, Josée Police Perceptions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and its Implementation: Ontario Case Study Caputo, T. & Vallée, M.
2007 Solecki, André Cannabis and the Courts: An Examination of Judicial Responses to Cannabis Caputo, T.
2007 Timco, Kristy “Not Everyone Who Wanders is Lost” Exploring Street Youths’ Decision Making Processes in Relation to the Problematic use of Substances and its Possible Solutions Dell, C.
2006 Campeau, Aimee Cultivating Gendered ‘Underdeveloped’ Subjectives: Tracing the Constitution of ‘Girlhoods’ within Mainstream Development Discourse Doucet, A.
2006 Gibney, Charles Making People Good, Down to the Last Drop:  Toward a Genealogy of the Government of Water Hunt, A.
2006 Leslie, Sarah A Call to Duty: How Women’s Magazines, circa 1935-1980, Contribute in the Formation of Responsible Citizens Pollard, G.
2006 Maslov, Anton Property Crime Reporting:  Examining the Effects of Victims’ Perception of Their Social Context on Their Reporting Behaviours Gerlach, N.
2006 Peters, Sheryl The Social World Reversed: Towards a Sociology of Activist Community Arts Practices Siltanen, J.
2006 Snyder, Emily Injecting Freedom?  Examining Depo-Provera’s Discourse of ‘Freeing’ Women from Menstruation and Women’s Perception of It Hunt, A.
2006 Thomas, Holly The Atkins Diet and the Internet: Exploring Lay Challenges to Contested Medical Expertise O’Malley, P.
2005 Ayyash, Mark War and Politics: The Neoconservative Plan of Iraq Hunt, A.
2005 O’Connor, Christopher Auto Theft and Youth Culture: A Nexus of Masculinities, Femininities and Car Culture Kelly, K.
2004 Burke, Patrick Media Representation and the Case of Tracy Latimer Thurtle, P.
2004 Denis, Chantale A Sociological Socio-Psychological Analysis of Substance Abusers in Recovery While in the Course of Early Residential Treatment Dell, C.
2004 Fletcher, Kate Modelling Masculinity: The Return of the Dandy in Contemporary Society Hunt, A.
2004 Jarvis, Saskia Healthy Living and the Anti-Diet: The Weight Watchers Approach to Weight Maintenance Hunt, A.
2004 Kaloczi, Kornelia The Implications of Self-Government with Respect to Aboriginal Justice Initiatives O’Malley, P.
2004 Kerr, Susan The Schizoid Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: A Phenomenological Analysis of Dundonald Park (Concentration in Quantitative Methodology) Kellner, F.
2004 McFarlane, Craig Michael Foucault’s Analytic of Power Relations Thurtle, P.
2004 Meyer, Jeffrey Evaluating the Punitive Turn Thesis: Is Canadian Penal Discourse Officially Exemplifying a Punitive Mentality O’Malley, P.
2004 Peters, Christopher Hate Expectations: A Narrative of the Conceptualisation of Criminal Hatred in Canada Curtis, B.
Theses completed 1992 – 2003

M.A. Research Essays

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Cielen-Gough, Mackenzie Thinking through the Colonial Imagination: An Anti-Capitalist Critique of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy Abdo, N.
2021 Dustan, Harrison Performative Embodiment in Mormon Conversion and Deconversion Leistle, B.
2021 Nowlan, Tyler Piracy as an Option: A Sociological Review of Scanning Communities Prus, S.
2021 Racioppo, M. Family Structure and Children’s Academic Performance and Behavioural Tendencies Tfaily, R.
2021 Xu, Xiaohan Rejecting Citizenship, Affirming Community: Solidarity City as a Shared Positive Vision for a Decolonized Future Shotwell, A.
2020 Arcand, Jessica Who’s Hungry? An Analysis of Food (In)security among Canadian Indigenous Peoples Tfaily, R.
2020 Aziz, Syeda (Ayesha) A Spade Is a Spade, Name the Hate: Islamophobia in Western Societies Abdo, N.
2020 Huybregts, Ekaterina Healing from shame: an analysis of the experience of fat shame in fat positive memoirs Shotwell, A.
2020 Rocha, Stephanie Challenging assumptions: Youth sexting and concerns surrounding technology and youth sexual expression Mopas, M.
2020 Wright, Abbey Assemblages of Victimhood: The UK’s Modern Slavery Act, the Police, and Migrant Victims of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Stasiulis, D.
2019 Bathurst, Ryan Vulnerable Users: Affect and fringe politics in a post-truth web 2.0 Mopas, M.
2019 Bond, Sarah Transforming the Paralympic Narrative: A Feminist Disability Studies Approach to Analyzing Canadian Mainstream Media Fritsch, K.
2019 Gobeil, Justin Opaque Securitization: Discourses of Accountability in Bill C-59 Monaghan, J.
2019 Karam, Maisie Contemporary Representations of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in the Canadian News Media: A Case Study of Jeanenne Fontaine Mopas, M.
2019 Rouleau, Brandon The Normative Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Canadian Adolescents: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective Prus, S. & Tfaily, R.
2019 Snoeks, Jennifer Back to the Future: How Management Consulting Firms are Narrating Prospective Labour Force Changes Gerlach, N.
2019 Xiong, Yiran The Relationship Between Social Capital Factors and Trust in the Police: A Case Study of Canada Lin, Z.
2018 Branswell, John An Analysis of Sociological Covariates of Confidence in the Police in Canada Lin, Z.
2018 Koudys, Kevin Neoliberalism and School Security: The Utilisation of Zero-Tolerance Policies and Black Student Exclusion in New York City and Toronto Monaghan, J.
2018 Partington, Zackary Community Policing and Minority Youth Relations: Exploring Ottawa Community Policing Officers’ Experiences of a Reactive Policing Shift and its Impact on Public Relationships Mopas, M.
2018 Vigneault, Hannah Who’s Leaning In? A Critical Analysis of Neoliberal Feminist Discourse on Women and Work Rivers-Moore, M.
2017 Jollymore, Michael The Changing World of Policing Vallée, M.
2017 Rochon, Morgan The GIFT Box: Unwrapping the “Truth” about Sex Trafficking at Sport Mega Events Carrier-Moisan, M.E.
2017 Rogers, Zoe Strategic Planning in Canadian Policing: Adapting for the Future Caputo, T.
2017 Smith, Jenna (Re)Articulations of Subjects and Agency: Ontology, Epistemology and Environmental Relationships Siltanen, J.
2016 Buck, Jeff Neoliberalism and its impact on community-based crime prevention: some important considerations for community planners Chen, X.
2016 Hood, Nicole Anne Traditional Values and the Religious Right: An In Depth Examination of Sex Education and Legislation in the U.S. Hunt, A.
2016 Hothi, Gurpreet Reconceptualizing Citizenship: Beyond Neoliberal Understands of Diversity and Global Citizenship Education Siltanen, J.
2016 McCarthy, Kylie Professional Female and Male Mixed Martial Artists’ use of Twitter for Fighting Identity Construction Gerlach, N.
2016 Murphy, Evan Through the Skeletal Looking-Glass:  Corpses, Subjectivity and the Normative Power of Revelation Curtis, B.
2016 Nazemroaya, Mahdi Darius The Whitening of Russia Rutherford, B.
2016 Nearing-Guibord, Danette The Lived Experience of Adults with Disabilites who have been victims of crime or abuse Hanes, C.
2015 Rygas, Jessica The Capitalization of Fear: An Intersectional Analysis of Anti-Ageing in the Media and in the Beauty Industry Mire, A.
2014 Hawkins, Emma Food Insecurity and Social Capital in the Canadian North Lin, Z.
2014 Read-Hobman, Taryn Why do they leave? An examination of young, male infantry attrition in the Canadian Forces from the perspectives of ex-members March, K.
2014 Savage, Kathleen The Will to Host? Assembling Publics in the Ontario Wind Farm Controversy Walters, W.
2013 Chapman, Justine Towards a Solidaristic Understanding and Responsibility Hunt, A.
2013 Hussen, Nezifa A Critical Examination of International Gender Equality Norms and the Empowerment of Women in Ethiopia Chen, X.
2013 McKendy, Laura The Implications of a New Media Exology and Changing Modes of Public Order Policing on Journalistic Paradigms for Reporting on Social Protest Doyle, A.
2013 Turpin, Kayla The Meaning of Nostalgia: Organizing People, Managing Histories Mopas, M.
2012 Bell, Sesadri Subtly Unsettled: A Post-Colonialist Analysis of Environmental Racism Against Indigenous Peoples Chen, X.
2012 Dwyer, Patrick Predicting Dangerousness: Risk, Security and Danger in Contemporary Society Carrier, N.
2012 Golestaneh, Mehrnaz Similarities and Differences between the Victorians and Post-revolutionary Iran regarding Sexual Moralities and Sexual Relationships Tfaily, R.
2012 Islam, Farhana Intersectional Analysis of Healthy Immigrant Effect: Considering Ethnicity, Place of Birth, and Immigrant Status Tfaily, R.
2011 Gallant, Chantal Finding a Place Called Home: Examining the impact of domestic violence on refugee women and the role of the state Park, A.
2010 Conte, Melissa Muslim Women and the Veil: An Exploration of Diversity and Complexity Chen, X.
2010 Holmes, Shawna The Revolution Will Not Appear in your News Feed: An Analysis of Activism in Online Social Networking Paulson, J.
2010 Loewen, Benita Putting the “I” in “Team”: An Exploration of Incivility in the Workplace Mopas, M.
2010 Saleh Rad, Sarah Western Media Coverage of Iran’s Nuclear Program: A Case Study of The New York Times Park, A.
2010 Wiseman, Danielle Wikipedia, Transformation or Status Quo? An Examination of Editing Practices in Wikipedia Novas, C.
2009 Campbell, Rebecca An Exploration of the Experiences of Historical and Contemporary Women Jazz Instrumentalists: 1900-2009 Shepherd, J. & Doucet, A.
2009 Hossen, Mohammad Anwar Natural Disaster, Inequality, and Vulnerability: A Case Study in Rural Madame Zajj Keil, J. & Siltanen, J.
2009 Polowyk, Lauren Redefining Social Capital: Historical Origins, Pragmatic Contentions and Alluring Outcomes Siltanen, J.
2009 Waitschat, Katherine One Less! Exploring Motherhood and Gardasil Pylypa, J.
2008 Barry, Amanda Understanding the Social Construction of Scale through the Analysis of Scalar Narratives: Building a Sustainable Community in New Brunswick Siltanen, J.
2008 Pearson, Julie Mainstream Media Representation of Roma in the Canadian Context: The Discourse on Invisible Canadians Stasiulis, D.
2008 Tatai, Mohtahsham Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey: PKK and the Legacy of State Abdo, N.

M.A. Coursework

Year Student
2021 Chahrour, Hibah
2021 Golub, Michelle
2021 Moreau, Christine
2020 Dabboussy, Maria
2020 Wagorn, Miranda
2019 Zand Vakili, Deena
2018 Nairn, Anthony
2015 Ang, Steven
2014 Gilmer, Jennifer
2012 Maru, Kyle
2006 Burczycha, Marta