As we have mentioned before, the CU Ecommerce Service has gone from strength to strength over the years. Starting with two clients (Thank you Sprott School of Business and the Department of University Advancement!) eight years ago, the service has now over 100 clients, has helped organize over 70 conferences, and has saved thousands of people-hours in work, headaches and frustration for those on campus who have to allow for paid registrations and the sales of services and goods online.

As the beneficiaries of our own success we have decided it is time to streamline a service that started small and now has the potential to take over the working day of more than one team member in ITS.

Moving forward therefore, we will be asking that you follow some alternative processes to request the service, payouts and refunds around ecommerce events. Here are some of the exciting developments:

Speaking of disbursement of funds, we have adopted a couple of new accounting practices in order to ensure everyone gets set up initially and then receives their money as quickly as possible. New practices include:

  • if you request an ecommerce event, you will be asked to agree to new terms of conditions, including that once your event ends, you will be paid out after 30 days whether we hear from you to request the funds or not
  • when requesting refunds we will require full information, for example, you must provide the reference number of the transaction and the full amount required for refund (i.e., you cannot request a 50% refund – you just tell us in dollars and cents)
  • at the same time you must include the HST in the amount of the refund – so if the price was $100 plus HST then you must request $113 as the refund

We are excited to streamline everything and create a more efficient system for you to take money online for your great events and services.