Science Lab Tour Week runs from Monday, January 16th to Friday, January 20th. During this event, students interested in research can attend tours of various labs on-campus and learn more about current Carleton research. If you are interested in research positions, thesis positions, other research scholarships, and volunteer positions, this is an opportunity to learn more about what lab work is like and what makes you stand out as an aspiring researcher.

Registration for individual lab tours are available through Carleton Central. Click on Science Student Success Centre under the mySuccess tab.

Also, be sure to visit the SSSC Undergraduate Research Resources page to learn more about how you can get involved in research during your undergrad, and help you prepare for meeting researchers during Science Lab Tour Week.

Biochemistry Faculty Members Participating Are:

Monday Jan 16: Shelley Hepworth

Tuesday Jan 17: David Sabatino, Daniel Grégoire, Yaxi Hu

Wednesday Jan 18: Tyler Avis

Friday Jan 20: David McMullin

Visit this page to view the full schedule.