The CSEE Undergraduate Travel Bursary is offered to reduce barriers for earliest-career scientists who wish to attend a conference, present a poster or give a talk, gain experience, and begin networking with other researchers. As undergraduate presenters, we support applicants whose projects are in progress, in addition to recently completed projects. Ten (10) bursaries, up to $1,000 each, are available to assist undergraduates in covering the cost of attending the conference. Applicants must be: 1) current undergraduate students at a Canadian institution OR 2) be recent graduates (i.e., graduated in May 2022). Applicants must be willing to present a poster or talk at the conference. Applicants should complete the CSEE Undergraduate Travel Bursary form, and have their mentor/supervisor provide an email of acknowledgement regarding the application and presentation of the work.


If you have additional questions regarding the awards, please contact Jasmine Janes (