1. Which Biology program is right for you?
    1. Bachelor of Science
    2. Bachelor of Science – Combined Honours
    3. Bachelor of Arts
    4. Bachelor of Humanities – Combined Honours
    5. Minor in Biology
    6. Co-op

Which Biology program is right for you?

Choosing a major can be a difficult decision. You may know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life and how you are going to get there. But others may have no clue. Below you will find the various programs that are offered by the biology department to help you make your decision.

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Bachelor of Science

Our science programs concentrate on courses in Biology and other sciences, while allowing for a limited number of optional courses in arts and social sciences.  The four-year Honours program is strongly recommended if you are planning to continue studies at the graduate level, and is particularly appropriate for entry into professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary sciences or teaching, or for careers in biology. We have four exciting concentrations that will help you focus your studies in particular areas.

Biology – B.Sc. Honours 

Honours can include a concentration in the following

Biodiversity, Natural History, and Conservation Science
Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Concentration in Health Science
Molecular and Cellular Biology

Biology – B.Sc. Major and B.Sc.

Bioinformatics – B.Sc. Honours

Biotechnology – B.Sc. Honours


Bachelor of Science – Combined Honours

These programs are offered jointly with other departments aimed at students with interdisciplinary interest with an emphasis in Biology courses.

Neuroscience – B.Sc. Combined Honours

Biology and Physics – B.Sc. Combined Honours

Biology and Earth Sciences – B.Sc. Combined Honours


Bachelor of Arts

These programs combine a liberal education in the arts and social sciences with increased depth in the life sciences.  The programs have a minimal requirement for courses from the physical sciences and mathematics allowing students to relate their special knowledge of biology to other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Biology – B.A.

Biology – B.A. Honours

Biology – B.A. Combined Honours


Bachelor of Humanities – Combined Honours

Students can take a Combined Honours in Humanities and Biology, a program designed especially for those interested in both the arts and sciences. This program consists of twelve courses in Humanities and eight courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

Biology and Humanities – B.Hum. Combined Honours


Minor in Biology

A minor is a secondary field that accompanies a major, which give students the chance to pursue their personal interests.

Minor in Biology



The Department of Biology offers a flexible co-op option for the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) students.  You can gain at least 12 months of practical work experience in settings such as government laboratories, Environment Canada, biotech companies, and museums in the Ottawa area. To learn more about Carleton’s Co-operative Education program visit the undergraduate calendar.