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Bachelor of Science

A four-year honours degree is strongly recommend if you’re interested in graduate studies or professional programs such as: medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary sciences, and teaching.

Co-op is available for biology students in B.Sc. programs. More details can be found on our Careers page.

Biology – B.Sc. Honours

Optional: add a concentration to focus your studies in a particular area

  • Biodiversity, Natural History, and Conservation Science
  • Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
  • Health Science
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Physiology

Bioinformatics – B.Sc. Honours

Biotechnology – B.Sc. Honours

Biology – B.Sc. Major and B.Sc.

A combined honours is offered jointly with another department. Students will receive an interdisciplinary education with a focus on biology courses.

Neuroscience – B.Sc. Combined Honours

Biology and Physics – B.Sc. Combined Honours

Biology and Earth Sciences – B.Sc. Combined Honours


Bachelor of Arts

A B.A. in Biology combines a liberal education in the arts and social sciences with increased depth in the life sciences.  The programs have a minimal requirement for courses from the physical sciences and mathematics allowing students to relate their special knowledge of biology to other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Biology – B.A.

Biology – B.A. Honours

Biology – B.A. Combined Honours


Bachelor of Humanities

Students can take a Combined Honours in Humanities and Biology, a program designed especially for those interested in both the arts and sciences.

Biology and Humanities – B.Hum. Combined Honours


Minor in Biology

A minor is a secondary field that accompanies a major, which give students the chance to pursue their personal interests. Learn more about how you can add a minor to your degree in Carleton Central.

Minor in Biology


Learn More About Our Programs, with Dr. Heath MacMillan