Unless also listed as an Adjunct Research Professor or Affiliated Faculty, Contract Instructors are not eligible to supervise undergraduate or graduate students.

Winter 2023

Subject Course Title Instructor Email
BIOL 1902 Natural History Runtz, Mike mike.runtz@carleton.ca
BIOL 2107 Fundamentals of Genetics Hooshyar, Mohsen MohsenHooshyar@cmail.carleton.ca
BIOL 3008 Bioinformatics Nissan, Nour nournissan@cmail.carleton.ca
BIOL 4200 Immunology Crawley, Angela angelacrawley@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 4201 Advanced Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering Gang, Noa noagang@cmail.carleton.ca
BIOL 4206 Human Genetics Vanzyl, Erin ErinVanzyl@cmail.carleton.ca
BIOL 4304 Forensic Biology Askew, Chris ChrisAskew@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 4318 Adaptations to Extreme Environments Anderson, Mads MadsAndersen@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 4203/5510 Evolution of Sex Dargent, Felipe felipedargentbocanegra@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 4608 Landscape Ecology Rivest, Stephanie stephanierivest@cunet.carleton.ca

Summer 2023

Subject Course Title Instructor Email
BIOL 2005 Human Biology Fernando, Pasan PasanFernando@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 2107 Fundamentals of Genetics Hooshyar, Mohsen MohsenHooshyar@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 2201 Cell Biology and Biochemistry Hooshyar, Mohsen MohsenHooshyar@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 3104 Molecular Genetics Hajikarimlou, Maryam maryamhajikarimlou@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 3306 Human Anatomy and Physiology Ayed, Saud SaudAyed@cunet.carleton.ca
BIOL 3605 Field Course I: Fish Ecology and Fishers Elvidge, Chris chriselvidge@cunet.carleton.ca