Unless also listed as an Adjunct Research Professor or Affiliated Faculty, Contract Instructors are not eligible to supervise undergraduate or graduate students.

Winter 2019

Term  Subject Course Sec Title Instructor
Winter BIOC 4004 A Industrial Biochemistry Burton Blais
Winter BIOC 4204 A Protein Biotechnology (lecture & workshop) Mary Hefford
Fall/Winter BIOL 4905 A Honours Workshop Pasan Fernando
Winter BIOL 2107 A Fundamentals of Genetics Bahram Samanfar
Winter BIOL 3601 A Ecosystem & Environment Change (lecture & labs) Alberto Suarez-Esteban
Winter BIOL 3804 A Social Evolution Genevieve Ferguson
Winter BIOL 4317 A Neuroethology: The Neural Basis of Animal Behaviour Kathleen Lucas
Winter BIOL 4902 B Forensics Chris Askew
Winter BIOL/BIOC 4200 A Immunology Angela Crawley

Summer 2019

Term  Subject Course  Sec Title Instructor
Summer BIOL 2005 A Human Physiology Pasan Fernando
Summer BIOL 2107 A Fundamentals of Genetics
Summer BIOL 2201 A Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Summer BIOL 2303 A Microbiology
Summer BIOL 3306 A Human Anatomy and Physiology
Summer BIOL 3605 A Fish Ecology and Fisheries