The Biology Department is housed in several buildings at Carleton University:

The Nesbitt Biology Building is state of the art with open architecture to foster collaborative work and invite interaction between scholars. Design features such as open laboratories, lounges used by both students and faculty, and faculty offices clustered in a central area, promote an atmosphere of shared learning. This manifests itself in close faculty-student research collaborations, as well as friendships.

The department has been aggressive in acquiring modern equipment for teaching and research in biology. Students are able to carry out contemporary procedures thanks to the equipment and facilities offered by the Biology department and Carleton University.

The Carleton Greenhouses

greenhouse_06Carleton University has one of the best university greenhouse complexes in Canada, with two large display houses, and three research houses.

The display houses are open for public viewing weekdays:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The research houses are used for experiments by researchers from Carleton and from other places.

More Information about our Greenhouses

Shared Equipment

Biology Department

Science lab equipment is a key element to any scientific research. The biology department is home to various shared equipment types that allows our students, and Faculty to be able to perform their research experiments. These equipment include:

  • Zeiss Axiophot equipped for phase, fluorescence, DIC, video enhanced contrast DIC (VEC-DIC), polarizing and reflection interference microscopy
  • refrigerated preparative centrifuges
  • two gel documentation systems
  • phase contrast microscopy
  • Beckman tabletop ultracentrifuge
  • a liquid scintillation counter
  • sonifier cell disrupter
  • Biorad Imaging system complete with software for phosphor radioisotope imaging

Additionally, the biology department utilizes lab and facilities to provide researchers with the controlled environments.

  • Walk-in cold rooms
  • Walk-in Temperature-controlled rooms
  • Plant growth chambers
  • Acoustic lab
  • Insect rearing facilities

Extensive computing equipment is available both within the department and through the High Performance Computing Virtural Laboratory.

 Carleton University

Carleton University houses many state-of-the-art equipment that can be utilized by all Departments at Carleton university including Biology

The Nano Imaging Facility (NIF)

The NIF houses two state-of-the-art Electron Microscopes, Tescan VegaII XMU SEM and FEI Tecnai G2 TEM.

The staffs at the Carleton Nano Imaging Facility are available to assist users at all levels of expertise.  A full spectrum of technical support is offered at NIF that ranges from training courses, to sample preparation, to instrument operation and energy dispersive x-ray analysis.  Academic, government, and commercial users are welcome to take advantage of our expertise. Our facility is not-for-profit and we offer very competitive rates.  Discounts are available for academic or frequent users.

Mass Spectrometry

The Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre (CMSC) is a state-of-the-art analytical research facility located at Carleton University. It is home to nine mass spectrometers coupled to chromatography systems and is directed by Professor Jeffrey Smith, a top researcher using this technology in Canada for over a decade. We are dedicated to providing high-quality analytical services to clients in academia, government, and industry

Ultra-high resolution X-ray micro-computed tomography

The Department of Earth Sciences is home to a Skyscan 1173 ultra-high resolution X-ray micro-computed tomography (XR-µCT) laboratory for Earth material research. Using higher-energy X-rays and longer dosage times than conventional X-ray tomography facilities, the XR-µCT lab allows to non-destructively study the interior of solid matter at ultra-high resolution.

Applications from academic research within and beyond Carleton University as well as from government agencies and industry are welcome. Imaging services can be provided according to the rate schedule given below. Please contact me directly for more information (