Department of Biology Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2021-22

Seminars will take place through Zoom meetings. Zoom links will be sent the week of the seminar. Please email to join our seminar series mailing list.

Fall 2021 

Date Speaker Institution Title Location
Fri. Dec 3rd

@ 2:30pm

Dr. Joshua Pemberton National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Establishing a molecular toolbox to investigate how local phospholipid composition directly contributes to the coordinate control of membrane dynamics and inter-organelle communication. Zoom
Fri. Dec 10th


Dr. Gary Pritchard University of Guelph Bridging Cultures: formulating “Ways of Knowing” and Collaboration Zoom

Winter 2022

Date  Speaker Institute Title  Location
Fri. Feb 25th


Dr. Zahra Kabiri Duke University School of Medicine Identifying the intensity-specific modifiers of RAS signaling Zoom
Fri. Mar 4th

@ 2:30pm

Dr. Root Gorelick Carleton University Cactus leaves, weird wood, wine-barrel tracheids, and classification of cactus golf balls Zoom
Fri. Mar 11th


Dr. Christian Danve Castroverde Laurier University Molecular mechanisms governing plant immunity under changing temperatures  Zoom
Fri. Mar 25th


Dr. Daniel Fink Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird Status and Trends: The Challenges of Modeling Avian Distributions and Abundance at Scale with Citizen Science Data Zoom
Fri. Apr 1st


Dr. Bereket Isaac University of Waterloo Science Advisory Mechanism Zoom
Fri. Apr 8th


McCully Lecture – Dr. Rowan Sage University of Toronto Understanding Complex Trait Evolution: A Case Study with C4 Photosynthesis 210 Tory Building

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