Department of Biology Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2017-18

Seminars take place in CTTC 4440Q at 3:30 p.m.  unless otherwise noted

Date Speaker Institution Title Host Lab Location
27/09/2017 Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde Laurentian University Zoo conservation science – challenges and opportunities Cooke 4440Q CTTC
06/10/2017 Woo Jae Kim University of Ottawa Genetics of time perception and interval timing in Drosophila melanogaster Sherratt 4440Q CTTC
13/10/2017 Art Weis University of Toronto The seasonal timing of things: attributing selection on germination and flowering dates to the internal, social and general environments Simons 4440Q CTTC
20/10/2017 Alison Derry UQAM From populations to ecosystems: the role of intraspecific variation in eco-evolutionary dynamics Simons 4440Q CTTC
03/11/2017 Danielle Fraser Museum of Nature The roles of climate and biotic interchange in the assembly of mammal communities Gorelick 4440Q CTTC
07/11/2017 Austin Gallagher Beneath the Waves Shark research in a changing world: integrating conservation, physiology and behavior to solve a 500 million year puzzle Cooke 4440Q CTTC
10/11/2017 Eliana Cazetta State University of Santa Cruz, Brazil Brazilian Atlantic Forest loss and its impacts on biodiversity Fahrig 4440Q CTTC
24/11/2017  Annie Thibault  TBA  Smith  4440Q CTTC
01/12/2017 Jamie McLaren TBA  4440Q CTTC
08/12/2017 Thomas Merritt Laurentian Transvection: how inter-chromosomal communication turned a bad day in the lab into a research program MacMillan  4440Q CTTC