Department of Biology Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2020-21

Seminars will take place through Zoom meetings. Zoom links will be sent the week of the seminar. Please email to join our seminar series mailing list.

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Fall 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title  Host Lab
Sep 25
Danika Littlechild Carleton University The role of Ethical Space in Processes of Decolonization of Conservation Bennett Lab
Oct 02
Dr. Kenneth Storey Carleton University The Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest in Marine Animals Storey Lab
Oct 09
Dr. Martha Mullally Carleton University How To Put Some Zest Into Your Zoom Online Workshop
Oct 16
Dr. Lauren Bradford Carleton University Understanding Hydrocarbon Bioremediation through Carbon Isotope Studies Wong Lab
Oct 23
Dr. Mohan Babu University of Regina Mitochondrial Interaction Landscape in Disease Mechanism: A Step Closer to Refined Precision Medicine Golshani Lab
Nov 13
Dr. Chris Auger Sunnybrook Institute Burn-induced hypermetabolism and treatment paradigms Golshani Lab
Nov 27
Dr. Susan Twine National Research Council Sweeter than sweet –the strange world of bacterial glycoproteins Willmore Lab
Dec 04
Dr. Jessica Scoffield University of Alabama – Birmingham Mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Interference by Commensal Streptococci Wong Lab

Winter 2021

Date Speaker Institution Title  Host Lab
Jan 08
Dr. Hanne Ostergaard University of Alberta Cytoskeletal adaptor proteins in killer cells of the immune system Golshani Lab
Jan 12
Dr. Amanda Martin Carleton University Designing agricultural landscapes for wildlife & people Dr. Martha Mullally
Jan 15
Dr. Martha Mullally Carleton University Talking Teaching in Biology: Online Teaching Willmore Lab
Jan 29
Dr. Eliana Gonzales-Vigil University of Toronto – Scarborough Evolution of alkene biosynthesis in Populus cuticular waxes: A case of gene duplication leading to innovation Rowland Lab
Feb 05
Dr. Amit Bhaswar University of Alberta “Four” whom the bell “Toll”s: Cisplatin and Great Literature, Hear hear! Golshani Lab
Feb 12
Dr. Tamzin Blewett University of Alberta A complex problem: fracking in North America and its effects on freshwater organisms MacMillan Lab
Mar 05
Dr. Michelle Smith Cornell University Exploring the transition between high school and college STEM courses: What are students’ perspectives and how do faculty approach instruction? Dr. Martha Mullally
Mar 10
Dr. Azam Tayabali Health Canada Development of Antibody and Aptamer Biosensors for Quantitative Detection of Bacillus Spores Willmore Lab
Mar 12
Dr. Mounir Abou Haider University of Toronto 1. Circular RNAs as a biomarker for early detection of breast cancer. 2. Novel approach for vaccine development for Hep C virus. Golshani Lab
Mar 24
Dr. Hanne Ostergaard University of California Cytoskeletal Adaptor Proteins in Killer Cells of the Immune System Golshani Lab
Mar 26
Dr. Sravroula Andreopoulos and Dr. Michelle French University of Toronto Pivoting to Online Learning during COVID-19: Innovative Teaching Strategies in Undergraduate Life Sciences Willmore Lab
Apr 15
Dr. Jacob Brownscombe Fisheries and Oceans Canada Novel Approaches for Fish Habitat Science Cooke Lab
Apr 22
Dr. Catherine Carillo Canadian Food Inspection Agency Food Microbiology at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in the Post-Genomic Era. Wong Lab
Apr 23
Dr. Carole Yauk University of Ottawa Translational Toxicogenomics to Advance Regulatory Decision-making Willmore Lab

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