Graduate Student Travel/Research Bursary

Are you travelling to conduct or present your research? Apply for funding!

  • Be a full-time student in the term of travel
  • Submit your application at least one month in advance
  • You may apply once per year (May-April)

Applications are to be completed on Carleton Central for the term that the travel is to take place (select the correct term from the drop down menu). Please send an email to the Graduate Administrator when your application is complete.

Additional Details can be found on the Graduate Students Internal Awards page. Questions should be directed to the Biology Grad Admin.

TA Excellence Award

This award acknowledges the vital role that graduate students play in supporting our undergraduate programs as TAs assigned to biology (BIOL) or biochemistry (BIOC) courses in fall or winter. Candidates for the Departmental TA Excellence Awards are those who were nominated for, but were not awarded, the Outstanding TA Award. The award includes $250, a Certificate of Award and a Letter of Recognition from the Department Chair.

Nominations are collected every winter term. One form is used for both the Outstanding TA Award and the Biology/Biochemistry TA Excellence Award. The nomination form can be found on the Outstanding TA Award page.

Faculty, contract instructors, peers, and undergraduate students are welcome to nominate a TA. Nominators are encouraged (though not required) to collaborate on a single nomination package (i.e. groups of students are encouraged to contribute towards single nomination packages, potentially in collaboration with their instructors). Self-nominations are welcome.

The Award Committee meets to deliberate in April. The committee will review all nominations and make a decision that considers some or all of the following criteria (where appropriate):

  • Teaching Skills: Teaching ability demonstrated in tutorials, office hours or guest lectures;
  • Grading: Quality of grading in terms of fairness, promptness, helpfulness and relevance of feedback/comments;
  • Communication: Quality of communication with students or the instructor (e.g., in office hours, email communication, etc.);
  • Learning Environment: Ability to stimulate, engage or provoke thought within an inclusive working environment;
  • Other: Any other qualities demonstrating commitment to teaching or grading

Thesis Excellence Award

This award acknowledges outstanding theses in biology at the MSc and PhD levels. Candidates for the Departmental Thesis Excellence Awards are those who were nominated for, but were not awarded, the University-level medals which are collectively known as Senate Medals.

Outstanding Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding leadership of a biology graduate student.