Biology Graduate Student Handbook

Review the OCIB handbook to understand dates, deadlines, and expectations such as:

  • Advisory committee and meetings
  • Fast-tracking and time limits
  • Qualifying exam
  • Seminar and defence requirements

All questions regarding the handbook should be directed to the Graduate Administrator.

Academic Requirements

Official University Regulations

Official program requirements

Consult your committee for approved coursework

Academic Audit – run your audit throughout your degree and be sure that you are meeting all required milestones.

Thesis Requirements – review the FGPA thesis requirements. Consult the Biology Graduate Student Handbook for department-specific thesis expectations.

Supervisor and Student Expectations and Responsibilities

Please carefully review the policy on Graduate Supervisor-Responsibilities & Expectations.

When either the student or the supervisor feel that the supervisory relationship has failed to meet the responsibilities listed in this policy, they may request an informal resolution process. This will take place initially within the academic unit, and then, if not resolved, within the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, with the involvement of the Ombudsman where this seems appropriate.