The Laura Thomas Summer Research Internship allows one outstanding biology student to work in the lab of a leading researcher on real scientific issues. It is an extraordinary opportunity for undergraduate scientists, that wouldn’t exist without external support. Working alongside biology researchers, this 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate student will engage in controlled experiments, analyze data, discuss results and may contribute to the publication of the results.

For many, the chance to connect with actual research scientists and receive face-to-face feedback is the highlight of their education and solidifies their intention to pursue careers in this field. During this intensive research internship, the biology student will obtain real-world knowledge. Undergraduate research experience like this cannot be taught in a lecture theatre and for many students, it’s their first hands-on experience with research.

Laura Thomas Summer Research Internship award was established in 2021 in memory of Laura Thomas and honour her desire to support students. It is also a key to enhancing undergraduate student-research experiences.

Past Winners of the award: