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Join Us this Fall for Our 20th Anniversary Butterfly Show!

Remember the butterflies are free and open to the public, and so we rely on donations to run it.

We are currently fundraising to host a spectacular 20th Anniversary Show.

Please donate to the butterflies…

Donations are greatly appreciated and necessary to keep the tradition going.

Donations can be made at the event, or online using our Future Funder page.

Donate now!

Don’t you love free activities for your family?

The Carleton Butterfly Show is an annual event in late September / early October that runs in the greenhouses of Carleton University’s Biology Department.

Some butterflies love to land on colourful clothing or you could just put your hand underneath and they will climb on.

So bring your kids or your camera or both and enjoy this exhibit!

The 9-day show features 1,300 exotic butterflies, representing 41 different species worldwide.

More than 1,000 area students and 10,000 visitors dropped by the steamy greenhouses at the west side of Carleton’s campus for last year’s Butterfly show.



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