Photo of Dalal Hanna

Dalal Hanna

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Degrees:B.Sc. Environmental Sciences - Specialization in Biodiversity and Species Conservation (University of Ottawa), M.Sc. Biology (McGill University), Ph.D. Natural Resource Sciences (McGill University)

Current Research

I am a freshwater and landscape ecologist, as well as science communicator that works to generate the information and momentum required for society to shift toward more sustainable and equitable living.  I conduct solutions-oriented research focused on identifying pathways to conserve and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in freshwater landscapes. My postdoctoral research specifically assesses how stream biodiversity and water quality recover following timber harvesting in Canada’s boreal and temperate forests. The results from this research will help uncover the long-term, landscape-scale effects of forestry on Canada’s freshwater habitats and inform future management strategies.

Selected Publications

Hanna DEL, Lehner B, Taranu Z, Solomon C, and Bennett EM.  The relationship between watershed protection and water quality: the case of Québec, Canada. Freshwater Science. In Press.

Hanna DEL, Roux D, Currie B, and Bennett EM. 2020. Identifying pathways to reduce discrepancies between ecosystem service demand and provision. Ecosystem Services. 43: 10119.

Hanna DEL, Raudsepp-Hearne C, and Bennett EM. 2020. Effects of land use, cover, and protection on stream and riparian ecosystem services and biodiversity. Conservation Biology. 34(1): 244-255.

Hanna DEL, Tomscha S, Ouellet-Dalaire C, and Bennett EM. 2018. A review of riverine ecosystem service quantification: research gaps and recommendations. The Journal of Applied Ecology. 55(3): 1299-1311.

 Hanna DEL, Solomon C, Poste A, Buck D, and Chapman LJ. 2015. A review of mercury concentrations in African freshwater fish: patterns and predictors. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 34(2): 215-223.  

Hanna D, Blouin-Demers G, Wilson DR, and Mennill DJ. 2011. Anthropogenic noise affects song structure in red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus). Journal of Experimental Biology. 214: 3549-3556.

Reid AJ, Eckert LE, and Hanna DEL. Rethinking fisheries leadership—on working with and from within Indigenous communities. In Lessons in Leadership: Integrating Courage, Vision, and Innovation for the Future of Sustainable Fisheries. Editors: Carlson A, Taylor B, Bennett A, Lynch A and Paola Ferreri C. AFS press. In press.

Mitchell ME, Schuster R, Jacob A, Hanna DEL, Ouellet Dallaire C, Raudsepp-Hearne C, Lehner B, Bennett EM, and Chan K. Quantifying and mapping nature’s benefits to people for national-scale conservation planning. Environmental Research Letters. In Press.