Photo of Grant Gilchrist

Grant Gilchrist

Adjunct Research Professor

Office:Northern Conservation Division National Wildlife Research Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H3

Current Research

My research program has been designed to respond to Canadian Wildlife Service responsibilities and priorities for the conservation of Arctic sea ducks and pelagic seabirds in Canada and Greenland. I initiate original studies designed to obtain basic data required for conservation and management of the species concerned. In addition, several studies have been undertaken in collaboration with Universities to provide deeper fundamental but essential insight into basic processes in their ecology and population demography. These include foraging behavior, diet, endogenous reserve dynamics, population demography, and the impact of sea ice conditions on adult survival. In addition, several studies focus on the harvest of some marine bird species by Aboriginal people. These studies have been undertaken because of the importance of ensuring sustainable levels of harvest, as well as incorporating Aboriginal needs into the conservation and management strategies in northern Canada and Greenland.