Photo of Laurian Robert

Laurian Robert

Adjunct Research Professor, Research Scientist

Degrees:B.Sc., Ph.D. (Ottawa)
Office:Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre,
Agriculture and AgriFood Canada,
960 CARLING AVE, Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6
Website:Visit my lab website

Current Research

The broad long term objective of our research is to develop innovative approaches to manage crop reproduction with a special emphasis on molecular interventions aimed at managing crop pollination/fertility. In order to perform these modifications whether to, for example, prevent transgene flow, maintain crop yields in the face of climate change, or produce hybrid seeds, it is crucial to have a fundamental knowledge of the molecular participants underlying the crop reproductive process including their properties, interactions and biological roles. Therefore, as part of our long term objective, transcriptomics, proteomics and transgenic plant analyses are utilized to acquire this fundamental knowledge and generate a comprehensive set of molecular tools and resources both in oilseeds (Brassica species) and cereals (wheat, barley, rye, triticale) representing major crops in Canada.

Recent Publications

Nazemof, N., Couroux, P., Xing, T., Robert, L.S. 2016. Proteomic analysis of the mature Brassica stigma reveals proteins with diverse roles in vegetative and reproductive development. Plant Sci. 250:51-58.

Lévesque-Lemay, M., Chabot, D., Hubbard, K., Chan, J.K., Miller, S., Robert, L.S. 2016. Tapetal oleosins play an essential role in tapetosome formation and protein relocation to the pollen coat. New Phytol. 209:691-704.

Zaidi, M.A., O’Leary, S.J.B., Wu, S., Chabot, D., Gleddie, S., Laroche, A., Eudes, F., Robert, L.S. Investigating Triticeae anther gene promoter activity in transgenic Brachypodium distachyon. Planta 245:385-396.