Photo of Nicolas Lapointe

Nicolas Lapointe

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:BSc Environmental Science (Carleton University, 2003) MSc Biology (University of Windsor, 2005) PhD Fisheries Science (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 2010)
Phone:1.877.599.5777 | 613.599.9594 x 219
Office:Senior Conservation Biologist – Freshwater Ecology
Canadian Wildlife Federation | Fédération canadienne de la faune
350, promenade Michael Cowpland Drive, Kanata, ON K2M 2W1

Current Research:

My work with the Canadian Wildlife Federation focuses on the conservation of freshwater habitat, biodiversity, and species at risk in Canada.  Our freshwater program is particularly focused on freshwater connectivity, and we are developing tools to support fish passage remediation including development of the Canadian Aquatic Barriers Database, and a watershed-based conservation planning process for restoring aquatic connectivity.  I conduct field research on fish passage and the effectiveness of barrier remediation.  I am engaged in the application of science to policy, and conduct research on the outcomes of species at risk and habitat protection regulations.

Selected Publications

Twardek, W. M., N. W. R. Lapointe, and S. J. Cooke. 2022. High egg retention in Chinook Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha carcasses sampled downstream of a migratory barrier. Journal of Fish Biology. 100:715-726.

Algera, D. A., Neigel, K. L., Abrams, A. E. I., Glassman, D. M., Kosziwka, K., Bennett, J. R., Cooke, S. J., and Lapointe, N. W. R. 2022. Assessing a proponent-driven process for endangered species threat mitigation: Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, American Eel, and hydropower. FACETS. 7:153-173.

Imhof, J. G., N. W. R. Lapointe, S. Metikosh, and C. T. Hasler. 2021. Regaining lost protections: status of the revisions to the Canadian Fisheries Act. Fisheries 46:329-334.

Third, L. C., D. R. Browne, and N. W. R. Lapointe. 2021. Project review under Canada’s 2012 Fisheries Act: risky business for fisheries protection. Fisheries 46: 228-297.

Vander Zanden, M. J., N. W. R. Lapointe, and M. M. Marchetti. 2016. Non-indigenous fishes and their role in freshwater fish imperilment. pp 238-269 in Conservation of Freshwater Fishes. Closs, G. P., M. Krkosek, and J. D. Olden, Eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 598 p.

Lapointe, N. W. R., S. J. Cooke, J. G. Imhof, D. Boisclair, J. M. Casselman, R. A. Curry, O. E. Langer, R. L. McLaughlin, C. K. Minns, J. R. Post, M. Power, J. B. Rasmussen, J. D. Reynolds, J. S. Richardson, and W. M. Tonn. 2014. Principles for ensuring healthy and productive freshwater ecosystems that support sustainable fisheries. Environmental Reviews. 22:110-134.