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Pierre Mineau

Adjunct Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. (McGill), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Queen's)
Website:Visit my lab website

Research Interests

My non-academic (full time) position is that of a senior research scientist with the Science and Technology Branch of Environment Canada, formerly with the Canadian Wildlife Service. My research is very much applied and encompasses pesticide toxicology, wildlife conservation in agro ecosystems, biomarker development, risk assessment and sustainable agriculture. I collaborate in the area of pesticide impacts and risk assessment with several international agencies as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations in Canada and abroad. With the help of students and collaborators, I work at various scales of biological organization – from the use of sub-cellular biomarkers of pesticide exposure to analyses of bird population trends in response to pesticide use patterns. By extension, I also study risk assessment methodology, how agricultural practices affect wildlife more generally, as well as the ecological ‘value’ and population dynamics of birds and, more recently, bees in cropland. Current research emphasis is on non-dietary pesticide exposure routes in birds, pollinator services in agricultural field edges of SE Ontario, and measuring the total environmental footprint of pesticide use through the development of empirically-based risk models and indicators. Prospective graduate students interested in these areas of research are always welcome to apply, especially if they have the grades and references necessary to secure a major scholarship (e.g. OGS, NSERC).

Selected Publications

Thomas, P.J., P. Mineau, R.F. Shore, L. Champoux, P. Martin, L. Wilson, G. Fitzgerald, J. Elliott. In press.  Second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in predatory birds: probabilistic characterisation of toxic liver concentrations and implications for predatory bird populations in Canada, Environment International.

Mineau, P. 2009. Birds and pesticides: is the threat of a silent spring really behind us?  2009 Rachel Carson Memorial Lecture, Pesticide News 86: 12-18.

Mineau, P., T. Dawson, M. Whiteside, C. Morrison, K. Harding, L. Singh, T. Längle, and D.A.R. McQueen. 2009. Environmental Risk-Based Standards for Pesticide Use in Canada. National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative Synthesis Report No. 7. Environment Canada. Gatineau, Quebec. 94 p.

Mineau, P., K. M. Harding, M. Whiteside, M. R. Fletcher, D. Garthwaite, and L. D. Knopper. 2008. Using reports of bee mortality in the field to calibrate laboratory-derived pesticide risk indices. J. Environmental Entomology 37(2):546-554.

Mineau, P. and M. Whiteside. 2006. The lethal risk to birds from insecticide use in the U.S. – A spatial and temporal analysis. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 25(5):1214-1222.

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