Carleton’s Learning Management System (LMS) is changing in May 2021. Starting May 1, all courses will be offered on Brightspace by D2L. This week, we’re reviewing five things instructors need to know about migrating existing course content from cuLearn to the new LMS ahead of campus-wide access to Brightspace on Feb. 16. Here’s the second key thing:

2. Instructor support is available for migrated content

A new LMS offers an excellent opportunity to rethink your teaching and learning. In some cases, it may make sense to start fresh in your course and to bring in selected content, rather than trying to reuse and rebuild all older content. To help you with your course development, TLS has created a cuLearn (Moodle) to Brightspace Tool Crosswalk. Check out this page to see tool equivalencies, common issues and solutions to migration challenges.

Many basic activities and course resources migrate smoothly to Brightspace without issue. Some course elements do not. Plan to review your migrated content and decide whether it makes sense to use some, all or none of it in the new system.

Remember, TLS staff are available to help you find solutions to your course needs. If your course activities and content don’t migrate well, reach out to us to find alternatives.

Find out the next key thing instructors need to know about the migration to Brightspace tomorrow!