Carleton’s Learning Management System (LMS) is changing in May 2021. Starting May 1, all courses will be offered on Brightspace by D2L. Below you’ll find key information about using existing cuLearn course content in a new Brightspace course. cuLearn course content migration is ongoing. Several years of cuLearn content have been migrated already into Brightspace.  Look for your migrated courses under the Converted tab of the MyCourses widget on the Carleton Brightspace homepage.

NOTE: D2L Brightspace and Carleton ITS are migrating 5 years’ worth of course content from cuLearn to Brightspace. If you’ve taught in the past 5 years, it is likely that your content has already been migrated and is already available for review/revision in Brightspace. Backup courses appear in the Converted tab in the MyCourses widget of the Carleton homepage and are named, “backup-moodle2-CRN-CourseCode…”

Migration Help Guides 

  • Course Migration guide (coming soon)

If you’d like help reviewing your migrated content, please reach out for support by filling out the course consultation request form. Whether you choose to use older content, copy select course components, or start fresh in Brightspace, we’re here to support your course needs.

5 things to know about migration