Carleton’s Learning Management System (LMS) is changing in May 2021. Starting May 1, all courses will be offered on Brightspace by D2L. This week, we’re reviewing five things instructors need to know about migrating existing course content from cuLearn to the new LMS ahead of campus-wide access to Brightspace on Feb. 16. To kick us off:

1. Most cuLearn content will be migrated for instructors

ITS is working with D2L to migrate five years’ worth of cuLearn course content to Brightspace by June 1. If you’ve taught in the past five years using cuLearn, your content will be migrated for you and available for review in Brightspace. As of today, more than three years of content has already been transferred.

Your cuLearn content will be available as a backup course in Brightspace for you to access and review. Many basic activities and course resources migrate smoothly to Brightspace, while some do not. We recommend reviewing your migrated content to see if it makes sense to revise what’s there or to start fresh in the new LMS.

If you’d like to use your existing content, you will need to import the course components from the backup Brightspace course into your new Brightspace course. You can find instructions for copying course content on our Brightspace Support site.

If you’d like help reviewing your migrated content, please reach out to Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) for support by filling out our course consultation request form.

Find out the next key thing instructors need to know about the migration to Brightspace tomorrow!