We are only three days away from the launch of Carleton’s academic courses in Brightspace! Starting May 6, Brightspace by D2L will replace cuLearn as Carleton’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Whether you have extensive experience with online platforms or this is your first time teaching with Brightspace, Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) has a variety of resources to help you get started.

Take part in technical demonstrations and training

Get to know the new system through a short video tour, which provides an overview of the interface and information on basic course setup. You can also view example courses by enrolling in the Brightspace Example Course, the Brightspace Tools Course and the Brightspace Basics Online Course. Upcoming TLS workshops can also help you prepare for your online course setup.

Consult with TLS staff

As you plan your course in Brightspace, you will need to consider whether you would like to start fresh or review and use existing content that has been migrated from cuLearn. TLS staff members are ready to assist and advise through one-on-one consultations or Brightspace Online Support Drop-In sessions.

Explore online resources

Visit the Brightspace Support website to explore a range of resources and guides. You will find solutions for any needed fixes to migrated cuLearn activities, as well as Brightspace Course Setup resources, which include course templates, a Brightspace glossary and a Course Setup Guide. A Quiz Question Migration Guide is also available for those using quizzes and migrated question banks.

Attend the Brightspace Showcase series

Looking to hear from your colleagues about their experience teaching in Brightspace? Instructors who participated in the winter 2021 pilot are sharing their experiences with the Carleton community through the Brightspace Showcase series. Watch the Brightspace Journeys: Instructor Testimonials video, attend Brightspace Panel Showcase or Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom sessions, or read more about what it was like teaching with Brightspace for the first time.

TLS is here to support you no matter what your course plans are. If you have questions or need help with Brightspace, please reach out for support at tls@carleton.ca and visit the Brightspace website for more resources and information.

A note on cuLearn access: Instructor access to past cuLearn content will continue for two years via the cuLearn login portal. After the two-year period, cuLearn content will be archived and available by request only.

Student access to cuLearn will be available for a one-year period via direct login. As always, access to previous courses, whether in cuLearn or Brightspace, is at the discretion of the instructor.