The Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work (CRIW) today announced the recipient of its 2020/2021 Graduate Student Bursary. Funded by KPMG, CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary supports students who are entering or continuing in a graduate degree program within the Sprott School of Business and are studying issues around workplace diversity and inclusion.

This year’s recipient of CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary is Liam Hoselton, a Master’s student at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.

Liam’s graduate research focuses on challenges immigrant women face integrating into the Canadian workforce, and how these challenges are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as employers scale back operations, lay off their workforce and switch to a work-from-home environment. His objective is to understand the challenges that uniquely impact immigrant women during the pandemic. This understanding should inform policies and practices to better mitigate the specific challenges immigrant women encounter.

Liam will be conducting his study under the supervision of Dr. Luciara Nardon, Associate Professor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business.

To view profiles of students studying with the support of CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary, or to know more about the bursary, please visit CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary web page.

CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary is one of the mechanisms through which CRIW aims to advance knowledge and drive change towards more inclusive workplaces. For more information, visit CRIW’s web pages on Research Support and Resources and Grants.

CRIW’s Graduate Student Bursary is possible through generous financial support from KPMG. This funding supports graduate students at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business with an interest in inclusion at work. CRIW is grateful for KPMG’s support.