Research Event:
Incorporating Intersectionality in Your Research

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Screen Capture of CRIW’s virtual workshop on ‘Incorporating Intersectionality in Your Research’

Event Date: November 4, 2020


  • Ms. Kat Lauch, PhD Student, Sprott School of Business, MA (Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Dr. Rick Colbourne, Assistant Dean, Equity and Inclusive Communities, Sprott School of Business
  • Dr. Janet Siltanen, Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Event Overview:

In a time of growing awareness of the inequalities around us, it is important to consider the complex ways that aspects of one’s identity can affect the way people move through the world. Access to privilege, or experiences of marginalization, are affected by the intersections of multiple identities and an intersectional approach can shed light on the power dynamics at work.

Panelists discussed the importance of considering factors of identity and combined identities when conducting research with human participants. Specifically they talked about how intersections of identity affect lived experiences, what intersectional research looks like, and how intersectionality can be incorporated in research.

In starting this conversation, CRIW and the panelists hope to spread an understanding of the importance of an intersectional approach and work towards inclusive research.