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  2. Supported Courses
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    2. Winter 2019 Courses
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The Incentive Program supports student growth through participation in Learning Support Workshops. These workshops are designed to help students develop academic skills and studying strategies outside of the classroom. The Incentive Program encourages students to participate in activities and workshops that will help them become better academic learners. Students gain a course incentive by attending one of our workshops in person or online. View our supported courses below!

Incentive Program Participation Policies

If you are participating in CSAS Learning Support Workshops as part of the Incentive Program, here are some important policies to be aware of:


Online Workshops:

Supported Courses

Fall 2018 Courses

Professor Course
Nada Elnahla BUSI 2204 A
Guy Lacroix PSYC 1001 D
Laura Gagne CLCV 2303A/ARTH 2102A
Laura Gagne CLCV 1002 A
Erica Fraser HIST 1002 A
Vandna Bhatia PSCI 2701 A
Morgan Rooney FYSM 1004 A
Pat Coe ECON 1001 A
Andrew Robinson PHYS 1003 A
Zeba Crook RELI 2220
Zachary Patterson NEUR 1203 A
Zachary Patterson NEUR 3204 A
Frances Woolley ECON 3920 A
Marylynn Steckley GINS 2000 A
Joyce Lundberg GEOG 1010 A
Pat Coe ECON 3220 A
Troy Joseph ECON 1001 T
Troy Joseph ECON 1002 E
Ayca Guler-Edwards FYSM 1508 A
Ayca Guler-Edwards FYSM 1508 B
Justin Paulson SOCI 3006
Crina Viju EURR 2001 A
Eng Kooi Lim ECON 1001 C
Jim Davies CGSC 1001 A
Jim Davies CGSC 1001 T
Su Cheng Lee IMD 1000 A
Jodie Medd FYSM 1004 G
Elizabeth Friesen PSCI 1200 A
Senada Delic PAPM 4000 E
Irene Lu BUSI 2208 C
Beth Thompson ESLA 1900 G
Doron Nussbaum COMP2401 A
Mike Murphy ESLA 1300 D
Mike Murphy ESLA 1300 E
Collins Ayoo ECON 1001 D
Murray Richardson GEOM 1004 A
Deborah Conners SOCI 2702 A
Deborah Conners SOCI 2001 A
Sandra Anacleto ESLA 1500 F
Wendy Fraser ESLA 1500 H
Julia Wallace NSCI 1000 D
Tonya Davidson SOC 1001 A
Tonya Davidson SOC 1001 B
Danielle Taylor ENGL 2300 B

Winter 2019 Courses

Professor Course
Laura Gagne CLCV 2304 A/ARTH 2105 B
Laura Gagne CLCV 2500 B/ENGL 2500 B
Troy Joseph ECON 1002 V
Troy Joseph ECON 1001 E
Eng Kooi Lim ECON 1002 C
Jim Davies CGSC 1001 B
Jim Davies CGSC 1001 V

Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Courses

Professor Course
Lisa Menard FYSM 1310 F
Andrew Smith FYSM 1310 A
Cheryl Harasymchuk FYSM 1310 E
Brent Bezo FYSM 1310 B
Elaine Waddington Lamont FYSM 1310 H
David Jackson COMS 1000 C
Rebecca Merkley FYSM 1607 B
Mark MacLeod FYSM 1607 A
Samah Sabra FYSM 1409
George W.M. Harrison FYSM 1106 B
Melissa Chee NEUR 2004
Nadiya Slobodenyuk FYSM 1607 C
Hugh Reid FYSM 1004 C

Frequently Asked Questions