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The Incentive Program supports student growth through participation in Learning Support Workshops. These workshops are designed to help students develop effective academic skills and study strategies for use in their respective disciplines. Students gain a course incentive by attending one of our workshops in person or online. View our supported courses below!

Incentive Program Participation Policies

If you are participating in CSAS Learning Support Workshops as part of the Incentive Program, here are some important policies to be aware of:


Online Workshops:

Supported Courses

Summer 2019

Professor Course Term
Deborah Conners SOCI 2001 A Late Summer
Nada Elnahla BUSI 2204 A Early Summer
Jay Jennings CGSC 1001 A Early Summer
Carol Manseau SOWK 1002 V Late Summer
Beth Thompson ESLA 1300 A Full Summer

Fall 2019 Courses

Professor Course
Richard Nimijean CDNS 1001
Morgan Rooney FYSM 1004 A
Guy Lacroix PSYC 1001 D, M, & T
Patrick Coe ECON 1001 A
Murray Sang BUSI 2204 A
Richard Amos ENSC 2000
Zeba Crook RELI 2220 A
Marylynn Steckley GINS 2000 A

Fall 2019/Winter 2020

Professor Course
coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions