Who are CUSERT responders? 
CUSERT responders are dedicated student volunteers who provide a high level of advanced first aid to those in need on campus. 

How do I call CUSERT? 
CUSERT responders are dispatched through Campus Safety Services. In the case of a medical emergency or injury on campus, please call 613-520-4444 from any phone (or 4444 from any campus phone). The dispatcher will then dispatch CUSERT to the incident location. 

What can I call CUSERT for?
You can call CUSERT for any medical emergency or injury on campus. CUSERT responds to calls of all levels of severity. 

What types of situations does CUSERT respond to?
CUSERT responds to a wide variety of medical incidents. Our responders are trained to handle a diverse range of situations, and encounter many different types of medical issues on a regular basis. CUSERT responds to calls of all levels of severity. 

When is CUSERT on call?
During the Fall and Winter Semesters (September to April), CUSERT is on call 24/7, with the exception of major breaks (eg. Reading Week and Winter Break). CUSERT also covers various Carleton events throughout the entire year, including in the summer months. 

What level of training do CUSERT responders have?
CUSERT responders are trained to the level of First Responder through the Canadian Red Cross. This training includes advanced emergency care skills, spinal immobilization, oxygen and airway management, AED and CPR qualifications. In addition, CUSERT has been issued medical directives by a doctor, allowing responders to perform additional interventions and carry certain drugs. Our responders also undergo mandatory weekly training sessions that cover a large assortment of topics with detailed skills practice. Every two months, responders go through a mandatory in-service where protocols and skills are reviewed and each responder is evaluated in mock situations. CUSERT responders are also trained in Mental Health First Aid by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

Does CUSERT carry any tensor bandages that I can have, because I have a prior injury?
No, CUSERT does not carry tensor bandages. However they are sold at the  pharmacy  which is located on the tunnel level of  The Carleton Technology and Training Centre 

Can CUSERT give me some Tylenol/Aspirin/Benadryl/cold medicine/etc.?
CUSERT does not provide “over-the-counter” medications. There is a  pharmacy  on campus, located in the Carleton Technology and Training Centre. 

Can CUSERT give medical advice over the phone?
No, CUSERT cannot give out medical advice over the phone as responders cannot properly assess the patient. If you are unsure if you need medical attention, call 4444 from a campus phone or 613-520-4444 to have CUSERT dispatched to assess you. We can then make recommendations for further treatment based on this assessment. If you are off-campus you can call  Telehealth  to talk to registered nurse (8-1-1). 

Where does my student levy go?
CUSERT is funded through modest student levies. Student levies cover CUSERT’s various operational and training costs, which include initial training courses for new responders, annual recertifications, and equipment/supplies. CUSERT is a volunteer service; responders and the management team are therefore entirely unpaid. 

How do I join CUSERT?
Please visit  this page  for information about joining CUSERT.