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cuTheme Training & Documentation

Your comprehensive resource for mastering cuTheme!

How to use this site

Our cuTheme training is organized into modules that you can go through step-by-step in order as a full course.

You can also jump to a particular section if you need an answer quickly. Use the search bar or the index at the bottom of the page!


old library with lamp representing cuTheme block library

cuTheme Block Library

Check out our block library for examples of all blocks available in cuTheme.

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Accessibility Training

Learn what you can do to make your web content accessible

News, Tips and Tricks

How to Structure Engaging News Posts in cuTheme

Welcome to the exciting world of cuTheme! If you’re used to our ccms theme (in classic WordPress), you’ll find that…

Using List View and Outline View

Learn about the List View and Outline View Options in cuTheme The list and outline views are helpful when navigating…

How to Wrap Text Around an Image

Learn how to align your images and have text wrap around them There are three simple steps that you can…

Three Ways to Add a Block in cuTheme

Learn the different ways to add content blocks to your pages There are three different ways that you can add…

Text and Images in a Columns Block

How to add text and an image to columns This video tutorial demonstrates how to add text and an image…

Working with Video

Learn two ways to add video by embedding directly or creating a video gallery In cuTheme, there are a couple…

cuTheme Training Topics


Part 1 – Getting Started

Module 3 – Basic Building Blocks

  1. How to Add Blocks
  2. Basic Text Blocks
  3. Basic Image blocks

Part 2 – Advanced Training

Part 3 – Mastery