Photo of Daniel Cousineau-Short

Daniel Cousineau-Short

PhD Student

Degrees:MPH, BHSC

Daniel completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Graduate Diploma in Population Health Risk Assessment and Management at the University of Ottawa. Afterwards, he completed a Masters of Public health at the University of Waterloo. He is now a PhD student at Carleton University, Department of Health Sciences.

Throughout his work with the Department of National Defence’s Directorate of Force Health Protection, Daniel has studied the health of Canadian Armed Forces personnel using large routinely collected databases. These data are used for population health research and surveillance in the Canadian Armed Forces. In turn, this work informs military public health decision making, health promotion and health policy interventions.

Previously presented work in military public health research include the development and validation of electronic case definitions for fractures and the deployment of a heat-related illness surveillance system. This previous research gained recognition for student research at the 2017 Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research Forum.

Daniel’ interests in musculoskeletal injury prevention stem from personal interests in exercise and powerlifting. For his thesis work, Daniel is using military  administrative data sources to study the burden of severe musculoskeletal injuries on the health, operational readiness, and career progression of CAF personnel.