Photo of Calvin Plett

Calvin Plett

Professor Emeritus

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Analog, mixed signal, radio-frequency, and microwave integrated circuits in CMOS, BiCMOS, and SiGe; Fully integrated, low power radio with on-chip antennas; Fully integrated frequency synthesizers with wider tuning range and lower noise;


Analog and radio-frequency integrated circuits for wireless and wireline communications and for wireless biomedical sensor applications.


  • Tutorial Co-Chair for NEWCAS 2012, Panelist for NEWCAS 2010
  • Session Chair for ISCAS 2010, ISCAS 2006
  • Program Chair for SBCCI 2009
  • Collaborative research with Ciena, CRC, NXP, and UFBA
  • Member of Audio Engineering Society
  • Senior Member of IEEE

Recent Books Authored

J.W.M. Rogers, I. Marsland, C. Plett, Radio Frequency System Architecture and Design, Artech House, 2013.

J.W.M. Rogers and C. Plett, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design, 2nd Ed., Artech House, 2010.

Recent Journal Publications

F.G.S. Silva, R.N. de Lima, R.C.S. Freire, and C. Plett, “A Switchless Multiband Impedance Matching Technique Based on Multiresonant Circuits,” IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II, Vol. 60, No. 7, pp. 417-421, July 2013.

I. Haroun, C. Plett, Y. Hsu, D.-C. Chang, “Compact 60-GHz IPD-Based Branch-Line Coupler for System-on-Package V-Band Radios,” IEEE Trans. On Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 2, No. 7, pp. 1070-1074, July 2012.

S. Bashiri, S. Aouini, N. Ben-Hamida, C. Plett, “Spur Reduction in Bang-Bang PLLs Using a Programmable Bit-Stream”, IET Electronics Letters, Vol. 47, No. 19, pp. 1070-1072 15th Sept. 2011.

Recent Conference Publications

W.J.B. Machado and C. Plett, “Electrostatic Discharge Protection for a 10 GHz Low Noise Amplifier” to be presented at NEWCAS, Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, June 2014.

T. Wu, C. Plett, W.J.M. Rogers, and Ming Li, “A Fully Integrated 1 – 4 GHz GaN Class J Power Amplifier” to be presented at WAMICON, Tampa, Florida, June 2014.

K.T. Ansari, T.N. Ross, and C. Plett, “Ku-Band High Output Power Multiphase Rotary Travelling-Wave VCO in SiGe BiCMOS,” proc. 2013 European Microwave, Oct. 2013, pp. 97-100.

I. Haroun and C. Plett, “Reduced-Size GaN Based 10 GHz 90 Degree Hybrid for X Band Wireless Communications Systems,” proc. 2013 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symp. Austin, Texas, Jan., 2013, pp. 178-180.

I. Haroun, T.-Y. Lin, D.-C. Chang, and C. Plett, “A Compact 24-26 GHz IPD-Based 4×4 Butler Matrix for Beam Forming Antenna System,” proc. 2012 Asia Pacific Microwave Conf., Taiwan, Dec., 2012, pp. 965-967.

I. Haroun, T.-Y. Lin, D.-C. Chang, and C. Plett, “A Reduced-Size Low-Loss 57-86 GHz IPD-Based Power Divider using Loaded Modified CPW Transmission Lines,” proc. 2012 Asia Pacific Microwave Conf., Taiwan, Dec., 2012, pp. 1202-1204.

S. Shopov, R.E. Amaya, J.W.M. Rogers, and C. Plett, “High-Performance Reduced Size 70-80 GHz Branch-Line Hybrid using CPW and CPWG Guided-Wave Structures,” proc. IEEE IMS, Montreal, Quebec, June, 2012, pp. 1-3.

R. Beare, C. Plett,  and J. W. M. Rogers, “Highly Reconfigurable Single-Ended Low Noise Amplifier for Software Defined Radio Applications,” proc NEWCAS 2012, Montreal, June 2012, pp. 549-552.

J. Lam and C. Plett, “Modified TSPC Clock Dividers for Higher Frequency Division by 3 and Lower Power Operation,” proc. NEWCAS 2012, Montreal, June 2012, pp. 437-440.