The research areas in which the Department of Electronics is active are outlined below, with links to the home pages of the faculty members involved in each area. More information on recent publications and planned new projects can be found there. Information is also available on the Department’s research infrastructure.

VLSI Design

Emphasis is on design of circuits for telecommunication applications, particularly those required in wireless and optical fiber communication links.  These include phase-locked circuits, carriers and clock synchronizers, mixers, modulators and demodulators, low-noise amplifiers, switched-capacitor filters, and operational amplifiers.
R.D. Mason, Maitham Shams, John Rogers, Leonard MacEachern, Arash Ahmadi, Rony E. Amaya and Masum Hossain
Adjunct: Dhamin Al-Khalili and Naim Ben-Hamida

Computer Aided Design

Development of efficient techniques for modeling signal propagation on high-speed interconnects.  Application of neural networks in modeling of semiconductor devices and microwave circuit design.  Synthesis of VLSI circuits using both algorithmic and knowledge-based approaches
Q.J. Zhang, Ram Achar and Pavan Gunupudi
Adjunct: Ihsan Erdin and Behzad Nouri

Solid State Devices and Integrated Circuit Technology

Fundamental semiconductor device physics; device design and novel device structures; combined electro-thermal modeling; compact models for CAD, including new fabrication processes; submicron and quantum effect devices; semiconductor sensors and transducers; process modeling.
T.J. Smy, R.N. Tait, S. McGarry, Ravi Prakash

Microwaves and Electromagnetics

Microwave amplifiers, oscillators, modulators, frequency converters, phase-shifters; use of FET and bipolar transistors, Schottky barrier, varactor, step recovery and PIN diodes; design using finline, microstrip, stripline, coax, and waveguide; monolithic microwave ICs in GaAs; miniature hybrid microwave ICs.  Circuits for terrestrial and satellite communications; antenna and array design.
B.A. Syrett, J.S. Wight, Shulabh Gupta, Rony E. Amaya
Adjuncts: Langis Roy, Jafar Shaker


Waveguides and holographic optical elements for optical interconnects; waveguides for sensing applications.  Waveguide and photdetector fabrication using silicon integrated circuit technology.  There is close collaboration and joint graduate student supervision with the NRC photonics group, several members of which are adjunct professors (see below).
B.A. Syrett, Alan Steele and Winnie Ye
Adjuncts: Ksenia Yadav, Danxia Xu and Pavel Cheben

Power and Energy Systems

Power systems, power electronics, electric machines, smart grid, renewable and distributed energy resources, power quality, real-time simulations.
Xiaoyu Wang, Hicham Chaoui, Shichao Liu Hima Dhulipati

Mechatronics and Embedded Systems

Modeling and control of nonlinear dynamic systems, robotics, unmanned systems, real-time embedded systems, sensor-fusion, signal processing, estimation, and machine learning.
Hicham Chaoui