Summary descriptions of courses are available in the undergraduate and graduate calendars. More detailed information about the specific offerings of a course are in the official course outlines prepared by the professor teaching the course. Links are given below to the preliminary versions of the course outlines for the Fall (f), Winter (w), and Summer (s) terms. These are made available to help you in choosing courses. The official course outlines will be provided at the start of each course. These preliminary course outlines are subject to change.

Most courses maintain a website on Brightspace, the Carleton University online learning system. A few courses maintain custom websites: if the course name below is a link, then clicking on it will reach the custom website. For all other courses, check Brightspace.

Undergraduate Courses

ECOR Courses

Calendar entries ECOR

ECOR 1044Mechatronics
ECOR 1055 – Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I

ELEC Courses

Calendar entries ELEC

ELEC 2602Electric Machines and Power
ELEC 2607Switching Circuit
ELEC 3105Electromagnetic Field
ELEC 3500Digital Electronics
ELEC 3508Power Electronics
ELEC 3509Electronics II
ELEC 3605Electrical Engineering
ELEC 3907Engineering Project
ELEC 3908Physical Electronics
ELEC 3909Electromagnetic Waves 
ELEC 4504Avionics Systems
ELEC 4505Telecommunication Circuits
ELEC 4609Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication

ELEC 4702Fiber Optic Communications
ELEC 4703Solar Cells
ELEC 4704Nanoscale Technology and Devices
ELEC 4708Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design
ELEC 4906Special Topics

SREE Courses

Calendar entries SREE

SREE 3003Sustainable and Renewable Electricity Generation

Graduate Courses

Calendar entries Graduate ELEC

ELEC 5200 Advanced Topics in Integrated Circuits and Devices: Electrical Distribution Systems

ELEC 5301Silicon Photonics

ELEC 5302Renewable and Distributed Energy Resource Technologies
ELEC 5303 – Advanced Power System Analysis
ELEC 5401Signal Integrity in High-Speed Designs: Modeling and Analysis
ELEC 5402 – Introduction to Electronic Design Automation Algorithms and Techniques
ELEC 5404Neural Networks for High-Speed/High-Frequency Circuit Design
ELEC 5405Advanced Linear and Nonlinear Circuit Theory and Applications
ELEC 5409Microwave and Millimeterwave Integrated Circuits
ELEC 5503Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

ELEC 5508Computer Methods for Analysis and Design of VLSI Circuits

ELEC 5509Integrated Circuit Technology
ELEC 5606Phase-Locked Loops and Receiver Synchronizers
ELEC 5607Fundamentals of Antenna Engineering
ELEC 5701Fibre and Waveguide Components for Communications and Sensors
ELEC 5703Advanced Topics in Solid State Devices and IC Technology
ELEC 5705Advanced Topics in VLSI
ELEC 5707Microsensors and MEMS
ELEC 5708ASICs in Telecommunications
ELEC 5709Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics – Lasers
ELEC 5801High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI
ELEC 5804VLSI Design
ELEC 5808Signal Processing Electronics
ELEC 5809Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

EGEN Courses

EGEN 5300 – Signal Processing EGEN 5301 – Integrated Circuits
EGEN 5302 – Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Circuits EGEN 5303 – Sensor Systems
EGEN 5304 – Microprocessor Systems EGEN 5305 – Power Systems

EGEN 5306 – Telecommunications Systems and Networks EGEN 5307 – Control Systems and Robotics

EACJ Courses

Calendar entries Graduate EACJ