Carleton University’s Health & Safety Recognition Award is presented by the Environmental Health & Safety Team of the Office of Risk Management and the Joint Health & Safety Committee in recognition of one person’s demonstrated commitment to fostering positive safety culture at Carleton.

Recipients of the Health & Safety Award will have influenced Carleton in the following ways:

  • Demonstrates commitment to health & safety.
  • Promotes discussion and awareness of health and safety with employees, students and colleagues.
  • Is a safety role model to employees, students and colleagues.
  • Actively participates in health & safety initiatives on campus.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Team and the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) want your help to identify faculty and/or professional services staff who truly “Walk the Talk” and have a demonstrated commitment to fostering a positive safety culture at Carleton.

Nominations are now closed for the 2024 Carleton University Health and Safety Recognition Award!

2024 Recipients

Congratulations to both Muhammad Salam, Laboratory Supervisor within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and John Kavanagh Stationary Engineer 2nd Class within Facilities Management and Planning on being named the 2024 recipients of the Health and Safety Award.  Both have been tireless in promoting safety and ensuring others around them are making safety a priority.  They will be presented with the award at the upcoming Joint Health and Safety Committee meeting.

2023 Recipient

Congratulations to Linda Cruz on being named the 2023 recipient of the Health and Safety Award!

At the June 28 Joint Health and Safety Committee meeting, Linda Cruz from Conference Services received the H&S Recognition Award from AVP F&A Lorraine Dyke.  Linda makes a difference and keeps us safe by always keeping an eye out for and reporting hazards across campus.  Linda participates by being an active member of the JHSC since January 2019 and subsequently becoming co-chair in June 2020 representing workers across the university.  Congrats Linda!

2022 Recipient

Congratulations to Tony Lackey on being named the 2022 recipient of the Health and Safety Award.

Lorraine Dyke presented the 2022 H&S Award to Tony Lackey thanking him for his dedication and long association with the Joint Health and Safety Committee.  Tony worked tirelessly until his retirement to improve health and safety culture at Carleton.

2019 Recipient

Congratulations to Laura Thomas on being named the 2019 recipient of the Health and Safety Award.

Nominators had this to say about Laura:

Laura epitomizes health and safety. She believes strongly that SAFELY is the only way that we should do things at Carleton

She has my office and the FMP Service Center on speed dial, to make sure that anything affecting health and safety is promptly, and properly addressed. She makes it a point of accompanying anyone inspecting HER areas, so she can quickly note any issues to be addressed, but also so she can learn what is being looked for, and can therefore do much more frequent reviews of the labs

She has always been a strong advocate for safety, and staff, faculty and students alike have always felt totally comfortable bringing issues to her, knowing she will resolve the, She is also the first to point out observed safety infractions, whether by a student, staff or faculty member

2017 Recipients

Congratulations Alex Proctor and Beth McLarty Halfkenny on being co-recipients of the 2017 Health & Safety Award!

Nominators had this to say about Alex and Beth:

Alex takes a very pragmatic and level headed approach to safety. He is realistic in assessing the risks to workers and students in his wood shop and takes immediate action when necessary. He is prevention-focused and integrates 

safety into all his work practices. A fact that is evident as soon as you walk into his work space (signage and PPE is prominently and appropriately displayed).

Alex is truly Carleton’s safety role model. He is actively promoting positive safety culture by incorporating safety into everything he does and opening it up for 

discussion. Seeing him interact with students and techs really shows that he does not see safety as “rules” that need to be enforced, but rather something that benefits everyone and should be encouraged as a component of personal responsibility”

“Through Beth‘s everyday activities, Beth demonstrates a keen dedication to health and safety. By actively reviewing her surroundings, evaluating for potential risk and most importantly taking a proactive stance to correct issues before events occur, Beth improves the environment at Carleton on a daily basis.
Beth’s actions show how the work of an individual can have a major positive effect on the greater community as a whole”