Our campus consist of buildings with varying ages, which means that some will have been constructed using asbestos-containing building materials. When these materials are in good condition and are undisturbed, they present little to no health hazards. However, if they need to be removed, repaired, or otherwise disturbed, special procedures must be followed to prevent the escape of asbestos fibers.

This is why it is important for Carleton workers to recognize potentially asbestos-containing materials and consult the Asbestos-Containing Material Inventory BEFORE beginning work.

The following building material types have been known to contain asbestos and should always be verified before disturbing:




  • vinyl floor tile
  • vinyl sheet flooring
  •  floor mastic and/or leveling compound


  • plaster or drywall joint materials
  • stippled finishes
  • transite panels


  • acoustic ceiling tiles
  • plaster or drywall joint materials
  • stippled finishes

Structural/Pipe Insulation

  • steam and hot water supply and return lines
  • chilled water lines
  • fireproofing spray on beams, decks, joist and other structural members

Consult the “Buildings that have Asbestos Containing Materials” for a building-by-building overview of which materials may contain asbestos.


ACT – acoustic ceiling tile

VFT – vinyl floor tile + mastic

DWJC – drywall joint compound

Pipe insul. – pipe insulaton (length &/or elbows)

Mag. Block – magnesium block

VSF – vinyl sheet flooring