Groundskeeping work exposes workers to a variety of hazards. Hazards such as weather, noise, moving machine parts, and chemicals are all common parts of the job. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Carleton has a duty to protect its workers by educating them on all the hazards of their jobs as well as protecting them from said hazards.

Groundskeeper training

Before starting as a groundskeeper, all employees must undergo training. Groundskeeper training teaches employees the basics of proper PPE, using common landscaping equipment, how to avoid heat illnesses, avoiding insect bites and stings, and ergonomics.

Proper PPE

Always wear the correct personal protective equipment when operating landscaping equipment. This may include noise protection, gloves, safety glasses, or boots. Consult our FAQ sheets on common landscaping equipment for required PPE.

Reference Sheets

Carleton has a variety of fact sheets for those who wish to review safe operation of common landscaping equipment and proper HEARING PROTECTION.