Ministry of Environment

The disposal of hazardous waste at Carleton University is regulated by the MOE through Waste Management, Regulation 347 of the Environmental Protection Act.

The MOE has issued a Generator Registration Number to the University covering a specific list of hazardous waste. All waste must be disposed of under this number. Waste not shown on this list cannot be disposed of without an additional application to the MOE. This application must be made by the Manager, Environmental Health and Safety.

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa regulates waste disposal through the Sewer Use By-law. The By-law defines what is permitted to be discharged into a sewer, whether sanitary, combined, or storm sewers.

Information detailing discharge limits and prohibited substances can be obtained from the City of Ottawa at the following web link: Discharge Limits and Prohibited Substances

University Department Heads

Department heads in areas that generate hazardous waste are responsible for ensuring that the legal requirements are followed.

Department heads generally appoint a contact person to coordinate the disposal of hazardous waste. Staff appointed to coordinate the disposal of hazardous waste must have received WHMIS Training  and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Training.

For information concerning TDG training and waste disposal, contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).