Safety Data Sheets Internet Resources

There are several different locations on the internet with SDS information and/or databases. Most of these sites are searchable by chemical name, manufacturer name, and/or CAS number. To assist you with finding the correct information for your needs, and to ensure you have the opportunity to consult more than one source, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite sites:

Carleton University has recently partnered with ChemWatch, one of the largest suppliers of independently researched SDSs. It provides a full range of services to assess and control chemical risks. Access ChemWatch HERE!

Please note: This database is IP specific and is accessible only from the University network.  There is no access from outside the University.

Manufacturer specific database

  • Sigma-Aldrich. Over 85,000 material safety data sheets (MSDS) from the Sigma-Aldrich family of companies are available on-line. If the case arises that a MSDS is not available on-line, you can get additional information from Sigma-Aldrich on-line MSDS Request form. To full benefit from the site you have to register on line. The registration is free.
  • International Chemical Safety Cards: compiled by United Nation’s International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre.

Before starting work with any new substance, check your procedures with your supervisor or consult the Manager for Laboratory and Academic Program Safety at .