Science stores is located in Steacie room 118 and provides several essential services to the Faculty of Science as well as offering products for the entire Carleton Community. In addition to providing lab manuals and laboratory supplies to students and staff, science stores is a central hub for hazardous waste, chemical purchasing and receiving, and lab coat cleaning.

For hours of operation and contact information visit the Science Stores website.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits and restocking supplies are available through Science Stores. These kits contain all supplies required by Ontario Regulation 1101 regarding First Aid Requirements.

Laboratory Supplies

Most laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for purchase at Science Stores, including lab coats, gloves, and safety eyewear.


All purchased chemicals should be received through Science Stores (unless special circumstances dictate otherwise). There, they will be barcoded and entered into the Vertere chemical inventory system. Upon picking up or purchasing chemicals, science stores staff will assign the chemical(s) electronically to your lab/work area. This allows a streamlined system in which all new chemicals are included in the inventory.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste must be brought to Science Stores for disposal. Please note that the laboratory generating the waste is responsible for the cost of disposal. Hazardous waste stickers are available at Science Stores and must be filled out and affixed to each item to be disposed.

Chemical inventory barcode labels must be removed and affixed to a Barcode Disposal Sheet prior to disposal of the container. Science Stores will remove these items from the inventory upon receiving the Barcode Disposal Sheet.

Lab Coat Cleaning

Lab coats should never be laundered in a domestic washing machine. Science Stores provides lab coat cleaning through a 3rd party cleaner (at cost).

Dependent on laboratory activities, lab coats are laundered, disinfected, or discarded accordingly.

Chemical Contamination

Contamination by any of the following requires that the lab coat be discarded as hazardous waste:

  • Concentrated corrosives;
  • Materials that pass through Nitrile gloves (e.g. organometallics like methyl mercury); or
  • Greater than 250 mL of:
    • Carcinogens;
    • Teratogens;
    • Toxic materials with an LD50 <50mg/kg.

If the spill does not meet any of the above conditions a coat may be sent for laundering and reused.

Biological Contamination

Where a known or suspected contamination/spill from ANY biological agent occurs (regardless of Risk Group), clothing and lab coat must be decontaminated by autoclave prior to laundering.

Lab coats must not be autoclaved if they are additionally contaminated with chemicals or radioactive material. In this case the lab coat must be treated as chemical waste and/or radioactive material. Contact EHS for assistance.

Radioactive contamination

If a spill on the lab coat involves radioactive material, put the lab coat in a sealed bag and inform the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) immediately.