Laboratory fume hood operating procedures begin with the basics:

  1. Define the hazard level of the proposed work and locate a unit that meets the standard. Refer to the certification sticker on the right-hand side of the fume hood for the velocity. Check the expiration date. Do not use the unit if the certification is expired. Contact EHS to coordinate certification of the unit.
  2. Visually check your airflow monitor to verify that the system is operational.
  3. If a monitor is not available, hold a Kim-wipe in the middle at the bottom of the sash to ensure airflow.
  4. Clear the fume hood deck area. Remove all materials from the hood which are not needed for immediate work.
  5. Locate work at least 6 inches inside the sash and center relative to the hood sides. This achieves maximum protection and increases the capture efficiency of the fume hood.
  6. Fume hoods and ventilation equipment are to be used in conjunction with the appropriate protective equipment, such as safety glasses/splash goggles, face shields, lab coats, and task specific chemical protective gloves.
  7. Report unsatisfactory units to: