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Severe Weather

Severe weather includes blizzards, ice storms, extreme temperatures, and storms (lightning, wind). Severe weather can be unexpected and unpredictable, so it is important to stay updated and informed on local weather forecasts, watches, and warnings. This type of weather can also cause additional hazards such as downed power lines, property damage, and make commonly travelled paths/roads inaccessible.


Yellow background with white text providing immediate actions to take during severe weather

Seek shelter immediately.

Move to lowest level in building.

Move to interior area of building (hallways/rooms).

Stay away from windows, skylights and glass.


STAY INFORMED.  Stay up-to-date on local forecasts, weather watches, and warnings.

GET THE APP, GET THE INFO. Download the Carleton Mobile App and enable notifications. This will allow any emergency notification system messages to be sent right to your phone. Download the Environment Canada WeatherCAN App to receive notifications about local weather statements, watches, and warnings.

IDENTIFY SAFE SHELTER. Small, interior, windowless room on the lowest level of a building are identified as providing the best protection.

HAVE A READY TO GO BAG. Prepare for changing weather by having a ready-to-go bag packed and your 72-hour emergency kit up-to-date. Make sure your bag is updated with additional clothing, food and water, glow sticks, flashlight and batteries, kitty litter, shovel, and cash.


BE AWARE. Keep an eye out for any additional hazards, such as downed power lines or flooding on roads.

IF UNSAFE TO DRIVE. Consider public transit or make alternate arrangements for that day. Reach out to supervisors or professors to see what accommodations for work or school may be available.

GET INSIDE, STAY INSIDE. Locate a safe location to shelter. Do not evacuate unless instructed to do so.

IF YOU ARE TRAPPED.  If you are trapped in a building or in a vehicle, try to call or send a text to Campus Safety Services at 613-520-4444 or extension 4444 from a Carleton landline. Bang on a pipe or wall, or create noise by any means possible to alert those nearby.

REPORT ISSUES. Report any safety issues to Campus Safety Services at 613-520-4444 or extension 4444 from a Carleton landline. You may also report any mechanical or maintenance-related issues to the FMP Service Desk at 613-520-3668.


REMAIN PATIENT. Do not leave the safety of a shelter until authorities announce it is safe to do so.

SEEK HELP TO COPE WITH TRAUMA. Consider seeking professional help to cope with the long-term effects of trauma.