Suspicious behaviour can be any person(s) or action(s) that seem out of place. This may include someone present in your workplace or class that doesn’t belong; someone peeking into several vehicles; or anything else that doesn’t fit into the normal or routine activity of the campus community.


White text on pink background providing immediate actions when witnessing suspicious behaviour.

Immediately call Campus Safety Services at ext. 4444 or 613-520-4444 to report emergencies or suspicious behaviour.

For non-emergencies call ext. 3612 or 613-520-3612.


STAY AWARE. Walk with confidence, put your phone away, and be aware of your surroundings. This also includes being able to hear what is happening around you – try to avoid the use of headphones when walking alone. If in a secure campus building, do not prop open doors or provide access to anyone that you don’t know.

SEE SOMETHING, HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If you notice or hear anything that doesn’t seem right, notify someone in authority as soon as possible. If you witness a crime or are a victim of a crime, notify Campus Safety Services immediately at extension 4444 from a Carleton landline or 613-520-4444.

CAMPUS SAFETY PROGRAMS. Learn more about and make use of the various programs offered by Campus Safety Services and CUSA while studying or working late on campus.


REMAIN CALM. Maintain a safe distance. Get to a safe location. Observe from afar if possible, but only if safe to do so. Do not approach or confront the person(s) involved.

ALERT AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY. For suspicious activity, crimes in progress, or emergencies, contact Campus Safety Services immediately at 613-520-4444 or extension 4444 from any Carleton landline. Advise the Communications Operator of the following:

  • Nature of the incident
  • How many people involved
  • Location of the incident, last known location of the person(s) involved, and direction of travel
  • Identifying information of any person(s) or vehicle(s) that are involved
  • Any weapons that are observed
  • Any injuries that require medical attention


FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Follow directions provided by Campus Safety Services and emergency personnel. Provide them with any additional details or important information that you can recall about the incident.

SEEK HELP TO COPE WITH TRAUMA. Consider seeking professional help to cope with the long-term effects of trauma.