Situational Awareness Training Overview

As professional services staff or faculty, you may have some questions about what to do during an emergency situation when you are on campus. Do you know, for example, what to do during an earthquake? Or if you come across a suspicious package? Know what to avoid if the area is experiencing flooding? Do you feel confident knowing where you can go for official information during an emergency situation? This session consists of a walk around campus with the Emergency Management Team to help you answer those questions and more. Through this interactive training session, you will have the opportunity to learn how to apply a situational awareness framework to determine a course of action in various types of emergencies. Over the course of one hour, you will have the chance to learn the following:

  • Roles and expectations of individuals on campus during an emergency situation
  • Official sources of information during an emergency
  • Where and how to locate emergency procedures for different situations
  • How to apply a situational awareness framework to decide a course of action

This training session consists of a walk outdoors.

Who Should Take This Training?

This training is recommended for Faculty and Staff.


Sessions will be posted through Carleton Central – Learning and Development when scheduled.

A calendar invite is sent prior to each session.

Current Available Opportunities

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.