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ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: Fall registration edition

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Hello everyone,

We hope you are doing well. Congratulations to all of you who have earned admission to a degree program! And good luck to everyone who is still working toward that goal. We’re rooting for all of you!

Below is the information you need to know about next year.

A gradual return to campus this fall

The university’s current plan predicts that all large courses will continue online in the fall but we’ll see a gradual return to campus with offices and supports slowly reopening for in-person service as well as some smaller classes (and/or discussion groups/labs) held on campus. The winter semester may see a larger number of classes returning to campus.

Don’t forget these great resources for succeeding in online courses:

Get to know Carleton’s social life:

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Fall Registration Info

Fall registration begins this month. (If you are still waiting on admission to a program due to summer courses, you will be registering after your courses are completed and you earn admission to a program.)

Registration steps

  1. Accept your offer of Admission
    In order to register you first need to login to Carleton Central, view your Offer of Admission, and then accept it.
  2. How to register
    You can view a handy webinar, how-to videos and the Registration website.  Now that the schedule is released, you will be able to build and save a draft worksheet and be ready when your time ticket comes up.
  3. Time Tickets
    The schedule will be posted here.  You will be able to check in Carleton Central when your time ticket is soon (it might take another week or so to appear). Click here for a detailed how-to.
  4. Course Selection Advice
    • The Academic Advising Centre has advisors who are experts on graduation and program requirements. Here is a useful link from their website on how to read an Audit (you have an Admissions Audit in Carleton Central with your offer of Admission).
    • Each department has a departmental advisor who can help with questions specific to courses in your major. Follow this link to find out who the departmental advisor for your new major is:
    • If you’re in engineering, please see below
      A couple of ESP/IESP related tips:
    • You can only count one FYSM course toward your degree (do not take a second one).
    • If you are in a program with a Breadth requirement, you can email the Registrar to request that your FYSM counts toward your Breadth.
    • Some classes next year require second year standing, while others just require the first year intro course as a prerequisite. Once you have completed 4.0 credits, you will have second year standing.
      • If you do not have 2nd year standing, and can not add a course as a result, you can try asking the department for permission to take a course by completing a Registration Override Request and see what they say.

Registration webinar →

Attend our Registration Workshops June 16 or 30

Academic coach, Mathiew Spurgeon will host Registration help sessions  for ESP and IESP students heading into a degree on June 16 and 30th from 3:00-4:00 pm on Discord.

Click here to register!

Can’t make it? Check out Carleton’s  Student Registration Assistance Team here.

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Academic Support

The Centre for Student Academic Support offers a variety of online workshops and one-on-one supports for students. Check out their website for details.

You can also find supports within departments, such as the Math Tutorial Centre, the Science Student Success Centre and (for Engineering students) the Elsie MacGill Learning Centre.

Finally, please click here for ESP/IESP style resources for degree students.


As a returning student, you can apply for a bursary (money awarded based on financial need) in the fall to be awarded in January. See more information on the Awards office website.

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Accepted to Engineering?

Engineering has its own registration site and info. Visit it here and check out their student support page.

Your admission audit might not recognize the courses you have taken. Each year, ESP/IESP has to send a list of students who have been admitted to Engineering and request an Audit adjustment to recognize the FYSM and CHEM courses. Stay tuned, we are in the middle of that process and it takes some time for the adjustment to happen.

Engineering registration →

Not yet qualified for a degree?

Check out page 2 here for options, meet with an advisor or email us at: for options!