Register for courses when your time-ticket opens.

Registration Schedule (Time-Tickets) 2020-21

Timetickets for each of the groups listed below normally take place over a number of days. Each day consists of a number of timetickets that are scheduled to open at different times throughout the day. Be sure to consult Step 1 of the registration process in Carleton Central to confirm when the registration system will be available to you. You can continue to register or to make registration changes until September 23, 2020

    • New First Year Undergraduate (and those admitted from CEGEP) begin to register June 24 – June 26.
    • New and Returning Fourth Year Undergraduates & New And Returning Graduate Students (including Graduate Exchanges and Joint Programs) begin to register on July 3.
    • Returning First Year, New and Returning Second And Third Year Undergraduates, Certificates and Diplomas begin to register on July 6 – July 8.
    • Special Students and Visiting Undergraduates on Letter of Permission begin to register on August 6
    • University of Ottawa Exchange students begin to register August 18 for the fall term and December 9 for the winter term.
    • ESP students – registration is to be determined in consultation with Centre for Initiatives in Education.
    • International Exchange Students – registration is to be determined in consultation with Registrar’s Office.

Have questions?

Registration assistance is available by email and by phone. Please contact the Student Registration Assistance Team for more information.