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Linguavision 2017

Watch highlights from the Linguavision Song Contest and learn more about this year’s event.

Congratulations to the more than 20 performers who participated in last Thursday’s Linguavision Song Contest in Kailash Mital Theatre.

Now into its 3rd year, Linguavision provides a venue for students in the university’s many language classes (including French and ESL) to take their language learning out of the classroom and onto the stage.

This year’s event featured a wide variety of music including:

  • an aria from the German opera “Diomedes”
  • a gospel rendition of Adele’s “Hello”
  • a rock tune from the soundtrack of the award-winning anime series “Bleach”
  • a bittersweet love song by Lebanese singer Fairuz
  • a dance-dance revolution version of ヒカリノメロディ (The Melody of Light) with the unforgettable line “An exciting story where pink rabbits dance”
  • and more

As well there were original songs written by students in Chinese, Italian, German, and French:

  • 对不起 (Sorry) by Kelsey Hayes
  • Spero (I hope) by Anick Taverna
  • Spülen Spülen Wieder (Rinse Rinse Repeat) by Liam Hoselton
  • 28 Heures (28 Hours) by Quinn French

Learn more about the performers, by clicking here.

Photo Credits: Aylin Ilkmen & Abdullah Mohammed

Prize winners for the night include:

Open Category

  • Brittany Greier (1st Prize – $350)
  • Mariana Franco (2nd Prize – $250)
  • Riley Cooper (3rd Prize – $150)
  • Yi “Charlotte” Liu (Honourable Mention – $100)
  • April Jereza (Honourable Mention – $100)

Original Song Category

  • Kelsey Hayes (1st Prize – $350)
  • Anick Taverna (2nd Prize – $250)
  • Liam Hoselton (3rd Prize – $150)

Judges’ Choice ($100 each)

  • Tereza Cerqueira
  • Brendan Davey
  • Jesse Lam

Audience Choice

  • Luo-de-Haizi ($200)
  • KKT ($100)

Thanks so much to ALL the performers for such a great night of music. You really put your hearts and souls into your performances. Fantastic and memorable!

And thanks to our emcee, the saxophone-toting Dr. Devon Woods, for keeping the evening moving along with poise and to our panel of judges for contributing their time, energy, and linguistic/musical input to the daunting challenge of choosing between the many deserving performances:

And to the many language instructors who came out to watch, thanks for being there to support and encourage our students as they put themselves (and their language skills) into the limelight…literally.

Appreciation too to our dynamic volunteer squad for: handing out programs at the front of the house, moving equipment behind the scenes, keeping performers flowing, collecting/tabulating the audience choice awards, taking pictures, and any one of a thousand other duties required to keep the evening running smoothly.   Oh, and special thanks to Jesse Laprade for his classy promotional poster and Josée-Anna Tanner and Miriam Sanfillipo for coming up with many musical trivia questions designed to flummox and delight.

And finally, thanks to our Carleton sponsors.  Your support makes this event possible: the School of Linguistics & Language Studies, the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, the Department of French, and the School for Studies in Art & Culture.

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